Be your own Ally this Holiday Season

Well, here we are – right in the “thick of it”. Our holiday season is in full swing, and it couldn’t be busier at both work and home. We are all trying to get countless things done in a really short period of time: end of year work commitments/goals, shopping lists, holiday parties, travel preparation, baking, and the list goes on and on. This time of year is focused on being selfless and giving to others – which can sometimes come at the expense of our own enjoyment of the season.

My challenge to you during the remaining days of 2016 is to be an Ally to yourself.

Morag Barrett explains, in the book Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships, there are four qualities of an Ally Mindset: Abundance & Generosity, Action & Accountability, Courage & Vulnerability, and Candor & Debate. We most often think of these qualities in reference to how we treat others, and it also applies to how you treat yourself. Following are some tips to successfully navigate this holiday season while still being an Ally to your most critical stakeholder – you!

Abundance & Generosity

This is about believing there is more than enough _______ [fill in the blank: time, resources, etc.] to go around. How can you practice abundance and generosity with yourself? It can be as simple as scheduling quiet/planning/thinking time, “get stuff done” time, exercise, prayer, alone time with your significant other, etc. – whatever you need to take care of you. This in turn will help you be in the right mood to truly be present with others. Most of us have some time off from work during these last couple weeks of the year. This time is meant to celebrate the success of the current year and rejuvenate us in preparation for the year ahead. If we do not honor this time off, we will show up for work after the New Year celebration and be completely exhausted.

Reflections: What do you need right now? When can you take some time for yourself during the craziness of the next few weeks? Schedule it now.

Action & Accountability

One aspect of building Ally relationships is keeping commitments that you have made. This is about doing what you say you are going to do it when you say you are going to do it. However, what happens when you have overcommitted (especially at this time of year)?

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