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  • Recognition & Celebration Bring Power

    When was the last time you prepared for a conversation? My guess is that it was most likely a difficult conversation, where you may have had to provide some tough feedback. When was the last time you were intentional about planning for a conversation focused on recognition or celebration? Morag Barrett explains, in her book […]

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  • Do Your SMART Goals Get Stupid?

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    Last week I started a discussion on SMART goals. There’s no doubt in my mind that specific, high (stretch) goals lead to a higher level of task performance than do easy goals or vague, abstract goals such as the exhortation to ”do your best.” So long as a person is committed to the goal, has […]

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  • Achieving results by being SMART

    skyeteam leadership development

    It seems like we are all SMART, the acronym is endemic in business, appearing in practically every performance management training seminar, project management process and goal setting approach. The intent is good, by applying SMART to how we write our goals should ensure we are very clear about what is required and the measure of […]

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  • Who Needs BFFs at Work?


    At SkyeTeam, we do a lot of research and work in the relationship space, particularly relationships in the workplace. Well, not those relationships! The stuff of tabloids and telenovellas are interesting and make for good TV, but this is a family show here. What’s become fascinating to me, is this idea of some sort a […]

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  • Four steps to avoid death by meeting

    skyeteam leadership development

    If you are attending meetings that are best described as the stuff of nightmares, lots of passionate discussion and debate, only to realize as you walk back to your desk, that you can’t quite put your finger on what you have actually achieved, or decisions that were made, then you need to take action now! […]

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  • The SMART Solution: Stretch Goals

    Photo of 3 men dressed in suits and costumes

    Sometimes SMART goals aren’t enough. We can get too focused on short-term objectives and lose sight of the big picture of what we want in life. How can you shake yourself out of a focus on short-term objectives? The answer is to innovate and grow by including stretch goals using SMART criteria. Simply focusing on SMART criteria […]

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  • Virtual Team: 4 Questions to Identify your Allies Part 2

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    According to Morag Barrett, in the book Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships, there are four questions that can help identify if you are in an Ally relationship: Can I count on you? Can I depend on you? Do I care about you? Do I trust you? Last week I shared my suggestions for getting […]

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  • Virtual Team: 4 Questions to Identify your Allies Part 1

    skyeteam leadership development

    Given the changing nature of the work environment, many of us are now working from home or are at the least part of a virtual team. This means that some (if not many) of our critical stakeholder relationships are remote. If we are losing face-to-face time, how can we create and maintain Ally relationships? My […]

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  • Are you experiencing death by meeting?

    SkyeTeam leadership development

    If you’ve ever sat in a meeting wishing you were anywhere but in that meeting then this article is for you. Meetings are a necessary part of business, countless hours are spent every day, every week in meetings, discussions, decisions and companionship are all provided (along with tea and cookies if you are lucky). Yet, […]

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  • Emotional Intelligence: Have you lost it?

    skyeteam leadership develpment

    I lost it recently.  I was at a meeting and all was going reasonably well.  I was aware that I was tired and not focusing 100% on the matter at hand when it happened, I lost it.  What happened? someone at the meeting made a comment and I decided to come out of my corner fighting.  […]

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