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  • How to ensure your new hire feels at home on day 1

    I was reading an article by Kim Harris at TSheets about the importance of effective on boarding of new hire employees. It got me thinking, why is it that something as important as welcoming a new employee can leave such a bad impression? Unfortunately, far too often in the client organizations my team and I […]

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  • Who Needs BFFs at Work?


    At SkyeTeam, we do a lot of research and work in the relationship space, particularly relationships in the workplace. Well, not those relationships! The stuff of tabloids and telenovellas are interesting and make for good TV, but this is a family show here. What’s become fascinating to me, is this idea of some sort a […]

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  • In the war for talent, who are your rock stars?

    skyeteam leadership development

    This article first appeared in Morag’s column on Everyone is in the ‘war for talent’ looking to attract and retain those “A” players, the rock stars, that move the team forward and keep them ahead of the game. In a recent post, Eric Spencer discussed the importance of succession planning, creating a career path […]

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  • Who’s Next? What’s Your Company’s Plan for your Rock Stars?

    skyeteam leadership development

    As Pete Townsend, guitarist for the legendary rock band ‘The Who’ said, “Then I’ll get on my knees and pray, we don’t get fooled again.” How many times have we been fooled by our succession-planning-by-prayer method? We’ve heard the conversations; they sound something like this: “It’ll be just fine, our CEO isn’t going anywhere.” “She […]

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  • Six Steps to Effective On-boarding of Your New Hire!

    SkyeTeam leadership Development

    SkyeTeam is growing, we’ve had three new people join our team this year, with at least two more planned before the year end (yes we plan ahead). Given that we are a small team this represents a 100% increase in our full time employees. Exciting times indeed. But also dangerous times. We are an established team, […]

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  • I’m Cutting Into Bone, Here. You People Are Crazy.

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    We’ve heard the requests from management. “They just don’t get it. What do you mean I’ve got to force-rank my tiny group of 8 employees? 15% 4’s and 5’s, 70% 3’s, and 15% 1’s and 2’s. Are you kidding? After the RIFs we did this year, I don’t HAVE any more bottom performers. These people […]

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  • They just aren’t that in to you. How you know you aren’t getting the job.

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    It’s hard when you think you have aced an interview, only to experience the static of radio silence afterward.  Whether you are interviewing for a new job, or meeting with a potential new client, how can you tell if they just aren’t in to you. How do you know you aren’t going to get the […]

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  • 5 Steps to retain and grow your talented players.

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    From the blogs and articles I am reading it would appear that Managers are not necessarily doing the things that matter most, for example building effective working relationships with their team members, to build an engaged team and retain their talented players.  Let’s be clear, talented employees ALWAYS have a choice whether or not to work […]

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  • Three Tips to Ensure Millennials Ace Their Resume and Interview

    skyeteam millenial resume mistakes

    I am mentoring a Millennial.  A passionate, vibrant young professional who is currently spending a year volunteering with a national not for profit organization. As with most of us she has dreams, hopes and aspirations, and like all of us at the start of a new career, not a whole lot of experience to demonstrate… […]

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  • There are No Ties at the Olympics

    skyeteam performance reviews

    As part of a two-part series, Eric looks at the pros and cons on each side of the Performance Management issue, as it relates to forced (or strongly recommended) ratings distributions. Every year, around performance review time, in companies across the country the rationalizations of managers begin. “I don’t have any poor performers” they lament. […]

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