The Future-Proof Workplace: Six strategies to accelerate talent development, reshape your culture, and succeed with purpose (Wiley, 2017)

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If you’re over the age of 40, you probably remember the PalmPilot.  It was a REALLY slick device at the time (1997ish).  In fact, most consider this “personal digital assistant” the earliest foray into the world we now know as smartphones.

Palm Computing, Inc. seemed poised to become the leader in this largely untapped and enormous market.  But that NEVER happened!  Instead, Palm joined the legions of other companies that failed to anticipate, embrace, and capitalize on CHANGE… so if you’ve never heard of the PalmPilot, that’s the reason why.

There is a flip-side however.  For companies who effectively foresee and manage change, the future is very bright!  That’s the reason I’m so excited to share a big announcement with you…

I, along with my co-author and leadership development expert, Dr. Linda Sharkey, have recently completed our new book: The Future-Proof Workplace: Six Strategies to Accelerate Talent Development, Reshape Your Culture and Succeed with Purpose. We like to think of this book as your “survival guide” for the new (and often chaotic) reality of business.

The official release date for Future-Proof Workplace is March 20th, but we are making a special offer to our existing clients, colleagues and contacts.

You can obtain your personal copy of Future-Proof Workplace at a special 40% author discount!

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Personally, this book has been a truly rewarding journey.  I want to thank many of you who have supported the effort, and I’m beyond excited about the potential it holds for so many leaders!

The future is now!

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