Ally Mindset™ Profile

Did you know that your personal mindset directly affects how you perceive your colleagues and how others perceive you? A strong Ally Mindset is the foundation for cultivating winning relationships. Your mindset impacts your behavior, both consciously and unconsciously. It has a direct bearing on your ability to nurture Ally relationships.

Understanding your personal Ally Mindset will help you identify actions you can take to demonstrate Ally behavior and transform the quality of your professional relationships.

The Ally Mindset™ Profile will provide you with rich and actionable feedback to help you cultivate winning relationships at work.

Based on the bestselling book, Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships by Morag Barrett, this short and insightful online self-assessment will help you uncover your personal Ally Mindset using the four essential qualities of Ally behavior:

  • Abundance and Generosity
  • Courage and Vulnerability
  • Candor and Debate
  • Action and Accountability

How to Order

Subscribe to Cultivate@Work and join a community of like-minded business professionals dedicated to nurturing Allies and expanding their Ally network. As part of the The Ally Mindset module you will have the opportunity to complete the profile.

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Looking for more?

Understanding your own personal Ally Mindset is the key to building a foundation for your Ally relationships throughout your career. Here are some ways you can use the results of the Ally Mindset Profile to transform your relationships and increase your productivity: