Presentation Skills: When things go wrong…

skyeteam presentation skills workshop

Stage fright to the extreme… some of you may have seen this video, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, however I have to feel for the emcee… When an amygdala hijack occurs sometimes flight is the only reaction, however with a little preparation the situation could have been so different!

What are the learnings?

  1. Prepare and practice – learn the opening of your presentation, that way if the technology fails you can “wing it” and get into your stride
  2. Remember that the audience wants you to succeed… they will empathize with technology that lets you down… what they won’t accept is if you run from the stage
  3. Don’t leave others out to dry – leaving the stage left the emcee to manage the situation alone.  Shame that Michael Bay couldn’t stay and have a conversation with the emcee… he was trying to help you!

We have worked with many leaders to build their confidence and skills in public speaking.  Like any skill, it can be learned, and with practice you can command the stage.  Call us if you’d like to learn more!