• An Exercise to Build Self-Awareness

    skyeteam leadership development tough feedback

    I’ve written previously about the power of self-talk and how this can empower and drive us forward, or cripple us in the grip of self-doubt. Our inner monologue runs nonstop, whether we pay attention to it or not. It is a valuable source of self-awareness and a key to knowing our blind spots. Some call […]

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  • 7 Reasons to Invest in Coaching

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    According to the American Society for Training and Development, companies spent on average about 3.5% on training their employees in 2013.  That worked out to just over 30 hours for each one for the year. The area that received the most attention was management and supervision, which demonstrates clearly the importance that organizations place on […]

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  • Performance Reviews: True or False

    SkyeTeam Performance Review

    When you think of performance reviews, what comes to mind? Here’s a quick quiz to see where you stand: 1. The performance review is best time to share new information with employees. True False 2. When conducting a performance review for someone who is doing well, it is best to be encouraging and say things […]

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  • What to do with Performance Reviews

    http://dilbert.com It’s that time of year when a collective groan is heard across the nation.  Performance Review time is upon us and for the next few months employees are scrabbling to find the time to meet the deadlines and fill in their self assessments.  Managers loathe them, employees resent them, where did we go wrong […]

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  • Coaching or Criticizing

    “What on earth are you doing?  That’s not how you do it!” This is what I heard myself say to my 12 year old son who was in the process of addressing an envelope to his grandparents, in pencil, and with the address scrunched up into the top left hand corner of the envelope.  My […]

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  • A Great Mentor is…

    Last week we celebrated the graduation of the latest group of participants from the WICT Rocky Mountain Mentoring Program.  During the celebration both Mentors and Mentees share their personal successes and achievements during the program.  The stories included promotions, decisions to change careers, new learning and insights.  These were stories of courage, determination and a […]

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  • What Truly Makes A Champion?

    In Matthew Syed’s book, Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice, he takes a look at what forces need to come together to make a champion. It may seem counter intuitive but Syed argues that natural talent in a successful person is actually of pretty low importance. This seems to go against what […]

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  • Everybody Needs A Coach

    It’s January, and chances are, like many of us, you started the year with resolutions.  How are those working out for you?  Have you found yourself slipping back into old habits already?  Are you finding it challenging to give your resolution the time and attention it needs and deserves? Working with a personal coach may […]

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  • Leadership Lessons from Fred Astaire

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    As I was growing up I remember watching the Sunday afternoon movie on T.V.. In addition to the Westerns, I particularly remember watching the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, where they swirled seamlessly across the dance floor and managed to smile the entire time. They made it look easy. Fast forward to 2009 as […]

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  • Practice Makes Perfect…

    skyeteam leadership development

    In a previous post I talked about the knowing vs doing gap and gave an example that occurs each time in our coaching program.  Here I want to explore what happens after a workshop (or event in the workplace) and the importance of practice. We all know that practice helps us to build our confidence […]

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