• Mr. Myagi’s Lessons on Vulnerability

    About a year ago, I wrote about my quest to be FEARLESS! Did I achieve the fearlessness that I was seeking? Yes and no. In my pursuit of fearlessness, the universe instead provided several opportunities to be vulnerable. [Ha ha universe – not laughing!] Yes, we must be careful what we ask for. My greatest […]

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  • Emotional Intelligence: Have you lost it?

    skyeteam leadership develpment

    I lost it recently.  I was at a meeting and all was going reasonably well.  I was aware that I was tired and not focusing 100% on the matter at hand when it happened, I lost it.  What happened? someone at the meeting made a comment and I decided to come out of my corner fighting.  […]

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  • Lost your mojo? Here are four ways to put a spring back in your step

    skyeteam leadership development

    Being an entrepreneur is the hardest I have ever worked. In comparison to building a company, my corporate career was easy! Having just celebrated the ninth birthday of SkyeTeam, I can’t help but feel the time has flown by – and while there have been many highlights and periods of excitement along the way, there […]

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  • Ditch the Trash-Talk!

    skyeteam leadership development

    A member of my team is just back from a whirlwind tour of the US, 6 cities in 10 days.  Very satisfied clients, outstanding feedback from the 150 leaders who participated in the programs with comments ranging from “This is going to make a real difference to how I do my job” “I now understand […]

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  • What’s Your Theme Tune?

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development Denver

    Ever wondered whether life would be easier if you had a continuously running soundtrack behind you?  You know, like in the movies.  Think about it… you’d know when danger was imminent (the theme from Jaws would start), you’d know when a milestone was met (Celebration time,  C’mon), you’d know when to get the tissues out […]

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  • Seize the moment – an ode to Marissa.

    I was sitting in my satellite office this afternoon (aka Starbucks) and was aware how all of the patrons were nose down, in their laptops, in their phones, in their books (me included)… no one was smiling, no one was acknowledging each other, we were in our own little worlds, focused on our own “stuff”. […]

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  • Trust Your Gut

    I recently read a blog by Lakshmi Balachandra titled, “Should You Eat While You Negotiate?” http://bit.ly/XpcFJN The gist of the blog centered around testing whether business dealings done over a meal improved the outcome of that deal. The author conducted a few experiments. One experiment compared negotiations that took place over a meal in restaurants […]

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  • Vulnerability Matters

    I had the opportunity to hear Dr Brené Brown speak at the Women’s Vision Leadership Summit. She was outstanding and her message really resonated with the work I am doing on Cultivating Winning Relationships™. Here is the TEDxHouston video that allows you to hear her speak on the concept of vulnerability and connection.  It really […]

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  • On becoming an American

    This week I became an American and was overwhelmed by the rush and mix of emotions that this caused. Pride and joy in making my adoptive country official, tinged with sadness and thoughts of my parents (both deceased) and remaining family in England, would they be proud of me (of course) would they think me […]

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  • Emotional Intelligence is an Olympic Sport

    We are about to enter into the frenzy that is the London 2012 Olympic games and as an Expat Brit I am watching the final preparations with bated breath.  The recent headlines about lack of security and the long transfer times to get to the Olympic Villages and arenas are, no doubt, just the start […]

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