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  • Do Your SMART Goals Get Stupid?

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    Last week I started a discussion on SMART goals. There’s no doubt in my mind that specific, high (stretch) goals lead to a higher level of task performance than do easy goals or vague, abstract goals such as the exhortation to ”do your best.” So long as a person is committed to the goal, has […]

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  • Achieving results by being SMART

    skyeteam leadership development

    It seems like we are all SMART, the acronym is endemic in business, appearing in practically every performance management training seminar, project management process and goal setting approach. The intent is good, by applying SMART to how we write our goals should ensure we are very clear about what is required and the measure of […]

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  • The SMART Solution: Stretch Goals

    Photo of 3 men dressed in suits and costumes

    Sometimes SMART goals aren’t enough. We can get too focused on short-term objectives and lose sight of the big picture of what we want in life. How can you shake yourself out of a focus on short-term objectives? The answer is to innovate and grow by including stretch goals using SMART criteria. Simply focusing on SMART criteria […]

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  • Holding the Umbrella

    skyeteam leadership development

    Seth Godin strikes again with a great piece about taking your turn. He frames it around holding the umbrella. He’s not talking about holding the umbrella to keep dry – it’s holding the umbrella to keep the project moving, to help the team move forward, to help us all succeed. What if we all did […]

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  • There are No Ties at the Olympics

    skyeteam performance reviews

    As part of a two-part series, Eric looks at the pros and cons on each side of the Performance Management issue, as it relates to forced (or strongly recommended) ratings distributions. Every year, around performance review time, in companies across the country the rationalizations of managers begin. “I don’t have any poor performers” they lament. […]

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  • Learning to Let Go – How not to be a control freak

    2013 was my year of learning to let go.  I will admit that it was tough, I was successful some of the time, like a mother hen most of the time, gritting my teeth and trying to decide whether to say something and take over a lot of the time. What was I learning to […]

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  • Is your Performance Review a ONE-WAY or TWO-WAY Street?

    skyeteam blog

    Performance reviews are valuable time during the year to have a conversation with your manager. And guess what? The conversation should be 50:50. It should not be driven by your manager; employees, make sure you take this important time to make it as useful as possible. Check out the 5 questions to ask during your […]

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  • Performance Reviews: Tips for Supervisors performance review

    Performance review time can result in frustration for line managers who are suddenly faced with finding time to review their teams. But hang on there, it shouldn’t be a surprise, you know what the review cycle is for your company. If you have left it to the last minute then shame on you. Effective performance […]

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  • How to Prepare for Your Performance Review

    In our work with clients across the globe we often hear complaints and frustration when it comes to completing performance review information. I think it goes back to our time at school when we were given the dreaded report card to take home to our parents.  We quickly scrambled through the pages (in my day […]

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  • What to do with Performance Reviews

    http://dilbert.com It’s that time of year when a collective groan is heard across the nation.  Performance Review time is upon us and for the next few months employees are scrabbling to find the time to meet the deadlines and fill in their self assessments.  Managers loathe them, employees resent them, where did we go wrong […]

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