Skye Book Review: Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes For An Answer – Michael Roberto

By Morag Barrett on March 2018

In Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes For An Answer, Professor Michael Roberto discusses and shows how to stimulate a culture of constructive conflict and dissent, and ensure a level of candor that results in better decisions, and more effective execution of those decision.The book provides a number of case studies based on well known global events where teams of people who “should have known better” made fundamental mistakes including including the Columbia space shuttle disaster, the tragedy on Mount Everest, The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In many organizations leaders hear ‘yes’ far too often or don’t hear bad news until it’s too late.  Leaders need to cultivate debate and simultaneously build consensus and buy-in to decisions.   Michael Roberto is quick to point out that consensus does not mean that everyone has to AGREE with the final decision, but they do need to feel heard. The book provides examples of the barriers that stifle communication and argues that while many leaders focus on WHAT needs to be decided, effective decisions require that we take a step back and determine HOW that decision needs to be made.

Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes For An Answer will prove to be useful resource to anyone in a management or leadership position, whatever their level in the organization.If you’d like to follow Michael Roberto’s blog then click here.
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