Embrace Your Adversary

By Morag Barrett on June 21, 2016

Posted by Morag Barrett | June 21, 2016Embrace Your AdversaryNow before you think I have completely lost the plot I need to clarify, you don’t need to literally embrace your Adversary, in fact, I’m sure your HR team would prefer that you don’t. However, you do need to embrace the relationship that you have with an Adversary. You aren’t a victim, allowing the tense relationship to continue will only harm your reputation and potentially undermine your success. You owe it to yourself to take positive action.A friend recently shared how her son had recently won “lunch with anyone” tickets at school. When asked who he had invited he said he had picked a classmate who he had been having problems with, essentially he was being bullied by this boy. My friend was initially aghast at this idea. Having shared lunch, talked through their issues the boys agreed that they could get on in future. An amazing show of courage & vulnerability and candor & debate (the second and third cornerstones of an Ally mindset) in action.If my friend’s son take take positive action – so can you!Own ItWhen we experience a relationship turned sour it is far to easy to point the finger, to blame the other person. However we all have a part to play, culpable negligence that has contributed to the (poor) health of the relationship. If you are committed to effecting change then you need to own your part. If needed to apologize for your part (and not to expect the apology or acknowledgement to be reciprocated).Whether it’s coffee, lunch, or a walk around the campus take the first step to transform your relationships. Relationships are built (or destroyed) one conversation at a time!Relationships are built one conversation at a time! Morag Barrett #quoteClick To TweetHow do you embrace your Adversaries? Share your advice in the comments below.Related ArticlesTags »Cultivating Winning Relationshipsleadership development denver Share
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