Weekly Roundup #3

By SkyeTeam on October 28, 2015

Posted by SkyeTeam | October 28, 2015Weekly Roundup #3Welcome to the Cultivate@Work Weekly Roundup. Each week we’ll scour the Internet for stories and ideas of how people cultivate winning relationships at work and share them in this blog. It’s perfect for anyone interested in applying the ideas and techniques from Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships by SkyeTeam CEO Morag Barrett.We start this week’s roundup with two studies on employee engagement and employee recognition. Next, we look at how big companies innovate and common barriers to innovation. We then look at communication and the effect of honest feedback. We end with three stories on building trust, what works and what doesn’t.What is the #1 thing you can do to cause your employees to produce great work? According to a 2015 research study produced by O.C. Tanner, “while raises, bonuses, and environmental perks impact an organization in other ways, recognition consistently causes employees to innovate and deliver a difference people care about. View the infographic.WorldatWork’s 2015 Trends in Employee Recognition study found that among companies where recognition is deeply embedded part of the company culture, “100% of respondents said it had a positive or extremely positive effect on employee engagement”. Download the study.What does it take to make innovation happen in large companies? Kevin McFarthing at Innovation Excellence suggests that leaders must dedicate people and resources to innovation, set high expectations and goals, and consistently prioritize innovation discussions within the organization.Innovation is happening, but are you listening? Professor Todd B. Kashdan writes about his recent study and finds that 84% of the workers said employers encouraged curiosity, however 60% encountered barriers to curiosity at work. Common barriers: top-down decision-making, limited time for creative thinking, preference for safe ideas over new ones, and fear of standing out.A productive work culture also depends on open communication, including honest, constructive feedback. But how do you motivate employees to provide comments without fear? Entrepreneur.com offers four ways to gain more honest feedback.Being too nice could be costing your company money. Inc.com discusses the real impact of politeness. Politeness is often used to mask your true feelings and opinions, which may include having the tough conversations that need to happen for real relationships.Kristin Woodman at Leadership Vitae writes about how she consciously learned how to be more vulnerable with her team. The result? Stronger connections and increased trust with her team and her stakeholders. Read her story.Trust is built, slowly over time through connection and conversation. Tor Constantino share five tested ways to build trust. Contrast these to five common misconceptions about building trust from the World Economic Forum.Thanks for reading! Join our Cultivate LinkedIn Group to share your ideas, opinions and questions on how to apply Cultivate to your life. We’re changing how work gets done, one conversation at a time. Filipina Pate is a recovering startup founder, entrepreneur and writer with more than fifteen years of experience in creating, designing and marketing web-based products and services. She is known for her creative ideas and vision, the technical expertise to turn ideas into reality, and a belief in the power of technology to bring people together.Related Articles Share
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