Why ‘Be Nice’ is Bad Advice

By Morag Barrett on March 24, 2015

Posted by Morag Barrett | March 24, 2015Why ‘Be Nice’ is Bad AdviceThis post was first published in Industry WeekWe all have it drummed into us from an early age, the importance of being “nice:”“Play nice with your brother” (as he and I fought over the Lego)“Sit at the table nicely” (as I fidgeted during a family dinner)“Be nice to your classmates” (as we compete for the position on the sports team or role in the school play)However, when it comes to business, “be nice” can actually be terrible advice.Now I’m not suggesting you have carte blanche to be a jerk, and this is not about being inconsiderate or rude. In fact, working respectfully together – even when you don’t necessarily like your coworkers – is what differentiates the average from the great leaders and colleagues.This is the key to personal and professional success: Instead of being “nice,” what we need to be is “kind.”Click here to read the rest of the article.Related ArticlesTags »Cultivating Winning Relationships Share
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