SkyeTeam Book Review: Woman Up! by Aimee Cohen

By Morag Barrett on February 17, 2015

Posted by Morag Barrett | February 17, 2015SkyeTeam Book Review: Woman Up! by Aimee CohenI met Aimee at the Leadership Investment Women’s Success Forum. We had adjacent tables and were signing copies of our books for the conference attendees. As I listened to her talk to the conference attendees about her book my curiousity was piqued. There seemed to be some correlations with a chapter in my book where I discuss being an Ally to yourself, ie avoiding self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. I now have my own (signed) copy of Woman Up!It’s a relatively quick read, (an afternoon), though I would encourage you to read through the chapters that particularly appeal to you a couple of times to gain the most benefit. In Woman Up! Aimee shares the seven deadly sins that sabotage success and includes stories and examples of how these have impacted her clients, and herself!The 7 Deadly Sins that Aimee explores (as well as providing solutions for) are:Kindness Conundrum – focusing on being “liked” and niceCompetency Curse – Trying to do it all, rather than delegating or saying “No”Perfectionism Prison – Being perfect, ie not applying for a role if you aren’t 100% qualified or trying to ensure a perfect work product every timeAffirmation Addiction – Needing a steady stream of positive feedback from othersDivulgence Disease – over sharing and “too much information”Miscommunication Mayhem – Is your personal brand / style aligned with your intent?Undervalue Epidemic – downplaying successes and the value you bringI know I carry a little of each of the deadly sins. However, I particularly recognize myself in the “competency curse” (an inability to say no when I should) and the “undervalue epidemic” (downplaying how hard I have worked to get to where I am today, a successful business that is expanding and a published author).  The book provided great tips and advice that will reduce the impact of the 7 deadly sins and increase your impact and professional reputation.Related ArticlesTags »Best Leadership Booksleadership development denver Share1
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