Myers Briggs: How We Process Information. It’s a Box or It’s a Spaceship?

By SkyeTeam on December 31, 2013

Posted by SkyeTeam | December 31, 2013Myers Briggs: How We Process Information. It’s a Box or It’s a Spaceship?Another dimension of MBTI, another opportunity for misunderstanding each other.  The Sensing vs. Intuiting (S vs. N) dynamic can easily be compared to Left Brain Thinking vs. Right Brain Thinking.  Sensers are wired to rely on and trust information that is proven – experiences, resources, things they can see, hear, or feel.  They use their senses to process information.  They can think outside the box when necessary, but they always know where “the box” is and they don’t stray far from it.  This drives Intuitives crazy.Intuitives on the other hand, are wired to think more creatively, going first to the wide array of possibilities rather than to what might actually be possible.  It’s fun for Intuitives to brainstorm without the limitations of reality.  They love to think outside the box, and proximity to “the box” at any given time is really not relevant.  Ideas flow freely, without consideration (now or ever) for how they might be executed.  This drives Sensers crazy.What to do?  As with the E/I dilemma, both S and N can work to bridge the gap.Sensers:  Prepare for a steady stream of ideas, what-ifs, and how-abouts.  Listen to the Intuitive share ideas in the way that suits them.  Then ask thoughtful questions like, “how would you implement X?” or “of the ideas you’ve presented, which is the highest priority?”  Resist the temptation to tune out or roll your eyes.Intuitives:  Remember that Sensers can help you prioritize and implement your ideas.  They are great at execution, so let them help you.  Know that their questions are meant to help you refine your thinking and move closer to actually doing something.  They are not trying to rain on your parade.If you are curious to learn more about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and how it can support you or your team’s success then call us today!Related ArticlesTags »MBTIMyers Briggs Share4
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