Are your lights on?

By Morag Barrett on March 4, 2013

Posted by Morag Barrett | March 4, 2013Are your lights on?During the last two weeks we have had a number of snowy, grey days in Colorado.  Nothing unusual this time of year, however it always amazes me that in these limited visibility situations just how many people drive their cars without their headlights on.  I challenge you, on your next commute, whether in CO or elsewhere, snowy weather or simply at dusk, look around and I guarantee there will be “invisible drivers” all around you. Whilst switching on your lights may not help you to see better, they do help other motorists to see you and to avoid a potential accident. Put your lights on!!When I apply this scenario to leadership and career development I see a similar pattern of behavior.  Capable people who drive their careers with their lights off.  Individuals who hope that others can see their value by virtue of the job they do (driving safely). Unfortunately what tends to happen is that you run the risk of blending into the background, of not being seen until a mistake is made (the accident).  Rather than hoping that others see you, I encourage you to share your passion, your capabilities, your successes.Put your lights on, toot your horn, make sure others can see you!Related ArticlesManager and Leader - The Mixology for SuccessManagers are the single greatest factor in retaining employees (Gallup Organization, State of the American Workplace, 2012). CEOs who wish to retain top managers need to see them as important resources and nurture them accordingly. Nurturing good managers is crucial to building great companies. So what are the factors necessary…July 11, 2017In "Leadership and Management"Practice Makes Perfect...In a previous post I talked about the knowing vs doing gap and gave an example that occurs each time in our coaching program.  Here I want to explore what happens after a workshop (or event in the workplace) and the importance of practice. We all know that practice helps…February 12, 2012In "High Performing Teams"2016 PMI Mile Hi Symposium: 6 Steps to Successful LeadershipIn my experience, soft-skills are the “secret sauce” to leadership. However, when I talk to leaders in companies around the nation, those soft skills are often overlooked when it comes to preparing emerging leaders for success. If these skills are the secret sauce, why are they so often neglected? The…March 31, 2016In "Leadership and Management"Tags »leadership development denverleadership training coloradomanagement Share
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