“The Deep End” may be exactly where you need to be

By Morag Barrett on October 8, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | October 8, 2012“The Deep End” may be exactly where you need to beI have written previously of the leadership lessons from Fred Astaire. For those of you new to my blog (and to me) in my “spare time” I am either to be found playing bassoon for a local symphony orchestra, hanging out with my family or dancing the night away as a ballroom dancer (not necessarily in that order).I have decided to perform in the Studio’s January Showcase. I also decided that I needed to move away from the smooth dances and finally take a deep breath and try a rhythm dance. I will be performing a rumba – plenty of “Latin moves” in that one (see the early post and you will understand my apprehension!).Today was choreography day.  The only request I had of the world champion working on our routine was “Make sure it is not ‘British'”.  Well he took me at my word.  I was blushing and giggling as I watched the routine evolve and thinking “I’m supposed to do that?!?!”The lessons from today (before I start my lessons and learn to do that!) wereBe careful what you wish for.  In my case I asked for a routine that would challenge me both technically and mentally – and I was given just that.That “baby-steps” in learning, while having their place, were not going to be enough to help me learn and grow.  I needed to be thrown in the deep end.That trust, both in my dance partner, as well as belief in myself means that I WILL learn to do this.The end result will be increased self confidence, Latin-motion to be proud of (no stiff Britishness!), and a more competent dancer.My questions of you:Where are you playing it safe and working within your comfort zone?Are you relying on baby-steps to improve your leadership skills and confidence and get you to where you need to be?Where do you need to jump in the deep end and who do you trust enough to ensure you don’t drown?Related ArticlesTags »Fred AstaireHigh Performing Teamleadership development denverTrust Share
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