Who would want to work with you again?

By Morag Barrett on January 13, 2012

Posted by Morag Barrett | January 13, 2012Who would want to work with you again?Much has been written on the attributes of an effective leader, however a simple exercise is to think back over your working life and identify those people (not just managers) whom you would jump at the chance to work with again.  List out the attributes, characteristics that make them memorable.Each time I ask individuals to complete this exercise invariably they are surprised at the attributes that they list.  I remember one person commenting“I knew that these 3 people were important in my life, in influencing me and the direction I took.  What I hadn’t appreciated was that I have listed similar reasons for each”.What are the attributes that the people on your list displayed?  Chances are its not about how smart someone was, or the technical skills they brought to the table.  Most of the lists I have seen and discussed with participants on our programs are heavily focused on the PEOPLE skills.  The ability of that person to build effective relationships at all levels in the organization.  It is about trust, communication, encouragement, feedback (both tough messages and positive messages) connecting with me as a person.Don’t get me wrong, technical skills are important, they are what get you in the door, the entry level criteria that build credibility, you need to be able to talk the language of your business.  However, long term success is more about your ability to develop the effective working relationships with those around you, your boss, your peers, your direct reports.  Relationships that will ensure success, not just you, but for others as well.You can try the reverse exercise, think of the people you would run a mile from, rather than have to work with or for them again.  What makes it onto that list?Here is the punchline:  If I were to ask those around you to identify the people they would want to work with again.  Would they be thinking of you?  What do you need to do more of or different to improve the success of those around you and the legacy you are leaving behind.Who would want to work with you again?Related ArticlesTags »leadership development denverleadership training coloradoteam building coloradoteam building denverTrust Share
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