• Are you in the Knowing vs. Doing gap?

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    Question: There are four birds sitting on the deck… two decide to fly off.  How many birds are sitting on the deck? We teach a number of high impact classes, and as with most events there is an activity where participants are in groups of three, in this case one acts as the role of coach, […]

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  • Mentoring as Part of Leadership Academies, Part 2

    skyeteam leadership development

    In the first installment of the series on Mentoring as Part of Leadership Academies, we defined mentoring, identified the primary objectives of mentoring, the critical role it plays in academy and how often mentors and participants should meet. In this blog article, we discuss the selection of mentors, the character traits of potential mentors, and […]

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  • Will You be my Mentor?

    Skyeteam leadership Development

    In an article, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has said you cannot just ask somebody you admire to be your mentor, you must establish a two-way relationship first. I have to agree with her advice. A mentoring relationship needs both a foundation of trust, and to provide something of value for both participants—the mentor and the mentee.  Without […]

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  • Coaching or Criticizing

    “What on earth are you doing?  That’s not how you do it!” This is what I heard myself say to my 12 year old son who was in the process of addressing an envelope to his grandparents, in pencil, and with the address scrunched up into the top left hand corner of the envelope.  My […]

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  • Getting The Best From Your Mentor Relationships

    I recently shared a post that described the qualities of a great mentor identified by the participants in the WICT Mentoring program.  Let’s assume you have found a great mentor.  Now what?  How do you ensure that the conversations, learning and insights add value and help you to move closer to achieving your goals?  Here […]

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  • A Great Mentor is…

    Last week we celebrated the graduation of the latest group of participants from the WICT Rocky Mountain Mentoring Program.  During the celebration both Mentors and Mentees share their personal successes and achievements during the program.  The stories included promotions, decisions to change careers, new learning and insights.  These were stories of courage, determination and a […]

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  • Who has most influenced you and your career?

    It was an interesting “out-of-body moment” – the mentoring group was discussing my question, “Who are the three people who have most influenced you and your career?  What characteristics did they display that make them a “top three”?  I was keeping myself busy and started to think about who would make it onto my top […]

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  • Outrageous or Outraged?

    skyeteam leadership development

    I was recently driving home from an event with the WICT Rocky Mountain Mentoring Program (a great program that Skye facilitates),  when I noticed the bumper sticker on the car in front of me which read: “Outrageous Older Woman” and that got me to thinking… 1) Did one really need to be ‘older’ (or a […]

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  • Where have your New Year’s Resolutions gone?

    It’s March, and my guess is that for most of us, the New Year’s resolutions we made to ourselves in January have gone the way of previous years… a strong start, followed by distraction, and ultimately forgotten.  If you can find (or remember) your list, take it out and review it for a minute.  How […]

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  • Practice Makes Perfect…

    skyeteam leadership development

    In a previous post I talked about the knowing vs doing gap and gave an example that occurs each time in our coaching program.  Here I want to explore what happens after a workshop (or event in the workplace) and the importance of practice. We all know that practice helps us to build our confidence […]

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