• MBTI: Judging and Perceiving – To Plan or Go With The Flow

    SkyeTeam MBTI

    The fourth element of MBTI concerns how we interact with the world around us:  Judging vs. Perceiving.  Judgers are focused on planning, executing the plan, moving step by step toward closure.  Perceivers are focused on keeping options open and going with the flow.  “Let’s not make a decision too soon – we may think of […]

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  • MBTI: How we make decisions. Logic and Empathy

    SkyeTeam MBTI

    The Thinking vs. Feeling continuum of the MBTI is laden with misunderstanding.  This component shows how people make decisions.  Thinkers follow the path of rationality, guided by the facts, to a logical decision.  Sounds great, but Thinkers often arrive at their decision without attention to the human side of the decision.  Of course not, why […]

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  • Myers Briggs: How We Process Information. It’s a Box or It’s a Spaceship?

    SkyeTeam Myers Briggs MBTI

    Another dimension of MBTI, another opportunity for misunderstanding each other.  The Sensing vs. Intuiting (S vs. N) dynamic can easily be compared to Left Brain Thinking vs. Right Brain Thinking.  Sensers are wired to rely on and trust information that is proven – experiences, resources, things they can see, hear, or feel.  They use their […]

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  • MBTI: Extroversion and Introversion

    SkyeTeam MBTI Leadership Development

    Such is the common clash of Extraverts and Introverts.  Why?  Because they are wired differently.  Extraverts do their thinking and processing “outside” themselves, through talking – to themselves or to others.  They gain energy from the outside world. Introverts do their thinking and processing on the “inside.”  They gain energy from within.  When Extraverts are […]

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  • Leadership for Introverts

    “Most people don’t know that I’m an introvert.” I learned as a kid that the quiet ones rarely get the prize. They don’t get the extra credit assignments, or the mentoring or the scholarships, and they don’t get the opportunities to lead their sports teams to victory.  So I learned to present a more confident […]

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  • What’s Your MBTI Type?

    Last week I started my MBTI series with a brief introduction on the origins of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  This week we are going to dive a little deeper into each of the four dichotomies that comprise the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Before we move on I do want to clarify that we each […]

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  • Myers-Briggs (MBTI®) – Cracking the Code

    I will admit that when I first came across the Myers Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI® nearly 20 years ago I was a real skeptic.  Having answered the online questionnaire and received my report (which accurately described my personality preferences) I was left with “so what?”.  What I quickly came to realize is that the […]

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