• Cultivate The Power of Winning RelationshipsHave you ever been blindsided by a colleague’s words or actions?
  • Are you plagued with the worst of office politics, shifting alliances and silos?
  • Are your results impacted by poor communication or misaligned expectations?
  • Do you need to establish rules of engagement that enhance relationships and accelerate success?

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In Cultivate, SkyeTeam CEO and author Morag Barrett provides a simple but effective model for diagnosing the health of your relationships at work and recommends steps to develop your ability to form Ally Relationships.

Morag bring years of global experience, success, and practical insight gained from working with hundreds of clients and tells you how to transform your working environment. Cultivate is a practical framework to help you achieve business results.

Use Cultivate to:

  • Identify your critical relationships and stakeholders
  • Apply the Relationship Ecosystem™ to diagnose the health of your relationships
  • Examine how context, culture, and communication impact your relationships
  • Understand how and why an Ally Mindset is vital to your career success
  • Apply relationship strategies to strengthen your professional relationships

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or starting out in the workplace, you’ll see the world of work in a whole new way. Morag delivers practical lessons and tools to navigate every relationship in your career.

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