Looking For a Great Book For Your Book Club?

Whether you’re starting a new book club or already hosting one at work, Cultivate. The Power of Winning Relationships by Morag Barrett will spur lively conversation and debate. Make sure your book club members are all on the same page by taking advantage of our complimentary book club discussion group resources.

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Cultivate Book Club Resource Kit 


The Book Club Resource Kit includes two PDF files:

  1. Chapter 1 from Cultivate 
  2. Cultivate Book Club Discussion Guide

Hosting monthly book clubs in your workplace is a smart way to engage your team and encourage conversations at all levels of your organization.

Use the Cultivate Book Club Discussion Guide to fuel your next book club meeting.

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Contact us today if you would like to check our availability to attend your book club discussion. Morag Barrett and her team at SkyeTeam are regularly invited to attend book club discussions by phone and Skype. We can provide insight to the writing process; the concepts in the book and answer your book club members’ questions.

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Ready to take it further?

Accelerate your learning by taking advantage of the following Cultivate resources:

  • The Ally Mindset™ Profile – provides you with rich and actionable feedback to help you cultivate winning relationships at work. Understanding your personal Ally Mindset will help you identify actions you can take to demonstrate Ally behavior in your work with others.
  • The Relationship Diagnostic™ – diagnoses the health of your professional relationship with a critical stakeholder. You will receive insights and recommended actions to transform the quality of your professional relationship.