SkyeTeam is regularly invited to speak at events and engagements with groups from 15 – 1500+ participants. Our professional speakers give engaging, informative, and interactive keynotes. Your attendees will leave your event with pragmatic tools they can apply immediately and make a positive impact in your organization.

The following is just a sample of the topics that we have delivered. We are always adding new sessions, so please contact us to discuss additional topics. All keynotes are customizable to the needs of your group.

Ally or Adversary?
The 3 Secrets to Cultivating Strategic Relationships

“Difficult to manage relationships sabotage more business than anything else.” – John Kotter, Harvard Business School. 

Cultivate focuses on the ‘how’ of successful business. Successful leaders are able to develop strategic relationships across the organization and industry. Ally relationships that ensure business results are achieved through employee engagement and collaboration. In organizations where toxic behaviors are ignored, inefficiencies abound, productivity and customer satisfaction decline, costs go up. As a result, especially in turbulent times, those who have not spent the time to cultivate winning relationships may find results deteriorate just when outstanding team performance is required.

Participant benefits:

  • Articulate why quality working relationships matter, the business and personal impact
  • Apply the Relationship Ecosystem™ to diagnose the health and quality of your professional relationships
  • Determine the next steps to develop Ally relationships and manage Adversarial relationships

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The Future-Proof Workplace. Are you Ready?

The Future-Proof Workplace is a survival guide for the new reality of business. The future is no longer some far-off destination; it is here, right now, and already changing the way we work. This keynote highlights the road ahead, and what you have to do to stay on track. Whether you’re a CEO, a leader or manager, or just trying to survive the chaos, this invaluable guide is your wake-up call—the future is now.

This keynote is based on research for Morag’s upcoming book Futureproof. Six Strategies to Accelerate Talent Development, Reshape your Culture and Succeed with Purpose (Wiley 2017) by Dr Linda Sharkey and Morag Barrett.

Participant Benefits:

  • Discuss three of the key forces impacting how we work, lead and structure our organizations.
  • Identify how organizations are responding to and adapting to these changes.
  • Determine the next steps to Futureproof your team and organization.

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All Change. Mind the Gap Between
Where You Are and Where You Need to Be

Change is the one certainty in life, yet research continually shows that over 70% of organizational change efforts fail to deliver expected returns. For many of us, the coping strategies we learned in our early careers are still the ones we adopt today. We have not adapted our game or added to our toolkit of resources to help us more effectively respond to or manage change.

Participant benefits:

  • Explore the nature of change, why change efforts fail
  • Understand both individual and organizational change
  • Identify your role in leading and participating in successful change efforts

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Cultivating Winning Relationships:
How to Network Elegantly and Effortlessly

We’ve all read the books, attended the webinars, we know what we should be doing to cultivate professional relationships. And yet, when we attend an event, when we walk into a room of strangers, many of us freeze. It’s all too easy to stay with ‘the usual suspects’, the people we already know and to miss the opportunity to meet new people and extend our network. Don’t waste another minute stressing about those potential awkward moments.

Participant benefits:

  • Learn the 7 savvy steps to networking elegantly and effortlessly.
  • Practice how to start, maintain and leave a conversation.
  • Make new connections and cultivate winning relationships.

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