My Latest Obsession: Seth Godin

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I recently subscribed to Seth Godin’s daily email blog and I am completely hooked. My inbox is endlessly filled with newsletters from here and there and, truth be told, I delete a lot of them without even opening them (which I know begs the question about why I even subscribe but that’s a story for another day).

I always open my daily post from Seth (I feel like we’re on a first name basis), and the fact that I do this has made me stop and wonder why. It’s because he has proven to me that if I open his email it will be worth it. His posts are usually short, a brilliant combination of the familiar with a creative twist, and I find myself talking about them to others. He makes me stop. And think.

And while I’m thinking, I’m wondering how the rest of us can do that. Not write a blog per se, but how can we create that kind of connection? Where people are interested and engaged and listening and anticipating. While you’re finding the answer, check out his blog yourself. It is indeed unexpected.