Nine tactics to breathe fresh life into your New Year’s resolutions

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Like many of us the New Year comes with obligations… many of which are self imposed with the ritual of creating New Year resolutions.  Promises to ourselves and others to be better and do better.  However, despite having 49 New Years to my name, of which 30 came with New Year’s resolutions, I still manage to over commit and under deliver.

So how can you breathe fresh life into your New Year’s resolutions?  How do you make 2018 your year of success??

Here are nine suggestions and articles that might just make the difference!

  1. Successful people do nine things differently than everyone else. Be specific, take action, celebrate the small wins, understand the milestones, DO IT!
  2. Look for new opportunities, imagine yourself in the future. I couple of years ago I was introduced to the concept of “Vision Boards”. I’ll be honest I thought it was a little woo-woo when I heard about it.  Here’s the approach, get yourself some card stock (size doesn’t matter) then start sticking pictures, images, words on it that represent where you want to be.  I included images of ballroom dancing, sailing, family, business goals, industries etc.  Keep your board where you can see it every day.  It helps to keep you focused, and in my case, at the end of the year when I reviewed my progress, found that I had achieved my goals – and in many cases in correlation with the size of the image I had posted!! Try it!
  3. And act like a leader before you are one. I had the opportunity to coach a senior leader whose colleague was struggling.  We discussed the impact this was having on those around the senior team, and I asked if he had provided feedback or reached out to this colleague to offer help.  The reply was “No, that’s the CEO’s role.” WOW!  Here was a senior leader who aspired to the top job… we explore the risks involved if he were to be proactive and speak up, or choose to stay silent.  I am glad to say this leader took the challenge, he behaved as an Ally and took action, to the benefit of all.
  4. Choose what not to do in order to make time for the things that really matter.  In my work with senior teams a constant challenge is achieving focus.  Getting to the important work and projects that matter.  Often the team will come up with a nice neat list of priorities.  When I then ask “what else are your team’s currently working on that may get in the way” they create pages and pages of projects and work.  The really tough conversation is not about what needs to get done, it is about what needs to stop happening to ensure that the priority list is really that, a priority.  You all have the same 24 hours a day, use them wisely!
  5. Avoid holding yourself back with these five behaviors.  This article is about moving your focus from “me” to “we”.  When you help others to succeed, you also help yourself to succeed.  Try it, check out my upcoming book Cultivate.The Power of Winning Relationships for more ideas and insights.
  6. Avoid death by meeting and ensure you keep meetings on track. Find out how to make sure your meetings don’t suck!
  7. Ask for feedback.  We work with leaders from C suite to new managers, who all find giving and more importantly, receiving feedback as a challenge.  Asking “what is one thing I could do differently?” or “I’m looking to improve my presentation skills, what suggestions do you have” is a powerful way of building your capabilities.  Why not ask “I am trying to [insert one of your NY resolutions] – what ideas do you have?”
  8. Say “thank you.”  It’s quick, it’s easy, and yet employees at all levels struggle to remember the last time someone said “thank you” to them.  Go one, take a chance, make it a habit.
  9. Adopt a growth mindset. I love the work of Carol Dweck who discusses two mindsets, the limiting “set in stone” mindset and the empowering “growth” mindset. Which do you adopt for yourself, which do you apply when considering others?  Choose the growth mindset and reap the benefits.

Nine powerful articles and tactics to help you achieve your dreams and goals in 2018.  Let me know how things work out for you!