Improve Results for Your Customers.

The corporate world is a team sport. However, most of as act as though it is an individual activity and few of us are equipped with a mindset that values team success over individual success. This new ‘we’ mindset needs to be developed.

A high performing team needs to have clarity and alignment as to:

  • WHAT results need to be achieved
  • HOW the team will work together to deliver those results

SkyeTeam’s High Performing Team Building programs ensure that you and your team are aligned to deliver outstanding business results. We will identify and leverage existing strengths and determine areas that need further development.

SkyeTeam programs are intense, interactive, fun, business focused events that will:

  • motivate your people
  • renew their focus
  • increase job satisfaction

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How teams can be developed:

  • New teams – Clarify vision, mission, and operating agreements. Set the ground rules for how the team will operate. Understand the dynamics and strengths of the individuals who make up that team.
  • Teams experiencing a change in strategy or focus – Facilitate the transition to the new purpose and goals of the new strategy.
  • Established teams – Review what is working and what could be improved. Ensure positive communication, leadership, and the ability of the team to work closely to problem solve.
  • New leaders – Ensure expectations are aligned and strengths and gaps within the team identified. Effectively on-board the new team leader.
  • Cross-functional teams – Set and prioritize clear objectives. Understand team members roles and responsibilities and their inter-dependencies. Develop a balanced leadership style so functional experts are being utilized.

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