SkyeTeam Book Review: How to Deliver a TED Talk

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I know… two book reviews back to back.  What can I say?  I currently have a pile of more than a dozen books waiting for time and attention.  I recently found myself on a number of plane journeys and so I immersed myself in two books!SkyeTeam Book Review How to deliver a ted talk

How to Deliver a TED Talk was an interesting read. While I may not have delivered a TED talk my profession is delivering compelling content, stories, presentations, talks to audiences across the globe.  I was looking forward to learning new approaches to hone my trade and my personal effectiveness.

This book did not disappoint. The good news is that it is a realtively short read, and if you have a computer and internet access to hand the author references many TEDTalks as he shares his advice.  I found value in watching some of the TED talks that he mentions while reviewing his advice.  A powerful combination. But never fear, the book alone provide plenty of ideas, tips and suggestions to take your presentation skills to the next level.

The book is structured around four key sections Content, Delivery, Design and Journey.  Whether you are looking to improve your story telling, your platform skills, leverage technology to support your message, or building your own following this book will be one step on the journey.