• Is your handshake more of a Limp Fish or Bone Crusher?

    We recently used a new location for one of our leadership programs. I watched incredulously as one of my team was greeted by the Hotel Manager who, having extended their hand for the customary handshake then went on to literally swing his arm from side to side. Assuming this was simply a one off aberration […]

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  • Self-Acceptance: A Foundation of Business Results

    skyeteam leadership development

    As crazy as it may sound self-acceptance has everything to do with business results. As leaders we are focused on the product, service or task that we are responsible for, both individually and with our teams. We place great care and attention on how to organize our processes, procedures, budgets and roles to make it all […]

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  • Life Lessons from Last Night’s Bike Ride, Part 2

    skyeteam leadership development

    In a recent blog post, I explained my struggle (as a newer cyclist) to climb a huge (in my mind) hill. Long story short, I made it up the hill after much angst and drama. In the end, I was thankful I did it and gained some insights along the way. Now, it’s time for […]

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  • What Does it Take to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

    skyeteam leadership development

    This post originally appeared on Morag’s LinkedIn Posts. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? I recently stumbled across the Gallup Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder, and curiosity got the better of me… and so I completed my profile. Do you have what it takes to be an #entrepreneur? Click To Tweet I […]

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  • The Science of Happiness: What’s Your Happiness Set Point?

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development Mona Lisa Happiness

    This is going to be art’s greatest moment since Mona Lisa sat down & told Leonardo da Vinci she was in a slightly odd mood. – Edmund Blackadder (Blackadder Goes Forth, BBC) I love Blackadder, and this quote has been pertinent as I’ve been in a ‘funny mood” for a week or two. I can’t […]

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  • Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? leadership development

    You know how the game is played. You think back through your world history class from high school, maybe skim through a few books you’ve read recently, and then make a list of the six or eight people you’d like to invite to dinner, whether living or dead. And then you spend the afternoon or […]

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  • Leadership for Introverts

    “Most people don’t know that I’m an introvert.” I learned as a kid that the quiet ones rarely get the prize. They don’t get the extra credit assignments, or the mentoring or the scholarships, and they don’t get the opportunities to lead their sports teams to victory.  So I learned to present a more confident […]

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  • Seize the moment – an ode to Marissa.

    I was sitting in my satellite office this afternoon (aka Starbucks) and was aware how all of the patrons were nose down, in their laptops, in their phones, in their books (me included)… no one was smiling, no one was acknowledging each other, we were in our own little worlds, focused on our own “stuff”. […]

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  • Who has most influenced you and your career?

    It was an interesting “out-of-body moment” – the mentoring group was discussing my question, “Who are the three people who have most influenced you and your career?  What characteristics did they display that make them a “top three”?  I was keeping myself busy and started to think about who would make it onto my top […]

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  • Rapport Building on the Unconscious level.

    We all know that rapport with our clients is important. Without it, tasks seem arduous and communication feels stilted. In fact, having good rapport with a prospective client could be the tipping point on major decisions. What limits most people however, is that they only think of developing rapport on the conscious level. They attempt […]

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