• Blogging about blogging

    skyeteam leadership development

    I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging, so I decided to write a blog about it.  True.  A blog about blogging.  Back in the day – the day before blogs existed – we somehow managed to get through our days without feeling like something was missing.  I remember my first conversation with someone about blogging.  […]

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  • Montana-Batman… Omaha! or What Peyton Manning can teach us about communication. leadership broncos

    By now, most people who follow football (along with those who try NOT to follow football but can’t get away from it) are familiar with the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning’s use of the word, “Omaha,” as part of his string of audibles. I confess (at my peril, since I’m sitting here in my Denver office) to not […]

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  • You ARE an expert in Matrix Management

    skyeteam leadership development

    Have you ever felt at work that you are being pulled in many different directions at once?  Maybe you have someone asking you to “Do this…”, while someone else wants you to “Do that…” and yet you need to “Do the other…”? If you have then you maybe stuck in the matrix management melting pot. […]

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  • Meetings That Don’t Suck

    skyeteam leadership development

    If you are looking to build a high performing team, to deliver business results that matter, to take control of your time, then our advice is start with a candid look at the meetings you attend or host.  How many hours a week are you attending meetings that suck?  When we work with leaders who […]

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  • 2/5/15 Is Not Just A Date In The Future


    In our high-speed, social media driven existences, we’re almost always interacting with other people.  Maybe it’s formal communication for work, an email or phone call to touch base, or even a quick “txt abt din & jst 2 say <3”. Every day we work at building, developing, and deepening our relationships.  Whether we mean to […]

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  • A Great Mentor is…

    Last week we celebrated the graduation of the latest group of participants from the WICT Rocky Mountain Mentoring Program.  During the celebration both Mentors and Mentees share their personal successes and achievements during the program.  The stories included promotions, decisions to change careers, new learning and insights.  These were stories of courage, determination and a […]

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  • Skye Book Review: It’s Not Just Who You Know by Tommy Spaulding

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development Best Business Books

    None of us achieve great success alone In a surprising turn, Tommy Spaulding crafts a wonderful book out of a memoir combined with pragmatic tactics to create strong, lasting relationships. “To invite others to be genuine partners in our lives and success you have to first be interested in other people. It’s not just who […]

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  • Trust Your Gut

    I recently read a blog by Lakshmi Balachandra titled, “Should You Eat While You Negotiate?” The gist of the blog centered around testing whether business dealings done over a meal improved the outcome of that deal. The author conducted a few experiments. One experiment compared negotiations that took place over a meal in restaurants […]

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  • Five Steps to Outstanding Collaboration + Heart

    I am in the process of writing a book, for those of you who have done so, you will know just how much is involved in going from concept, to manuscript to final publication.  For those of you considering writing a book, whatever you perceive as being the effort required – double it! As part […]

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  • Characteristics of Collaborators

    I had the opportunity to speak at the Colorado Payroll Conference last week, my two (separate) topics were “The Crisis in Collaboration” and “All Change: Mind the gap between where you are where you need to be.”  I had the honor of speaking on Friday afternoon, at the end of their two-day conference.  A challenging […]

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