Decision Making

  • Skye Book Review: Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes For An Answer – Michael Roberto

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development Best Business Books

    In Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes For An Answer, Professor Michael Roberto discusses and shows how to stimulate a culture of constructive conflict and dissent, and ensure a level of candor that results in better decisions, and more effective execution of those decision. The book provides a number of case studies based on well […]

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  • Achieving results by being SMART

    skyeteam leadership development

    It seems like we are all SMART, the acronym is endemic in business, appearing in practically every performance management training seminar, project management process and goal setting approach. The intent is good, by applying SMART to how we write our goals should ensure we are very clear about what is required and the measure of […]

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  • Learning to Let Go – How not to be a control freak

    2013 was my year of learning to let go.  I will admit that it was tough, I was successful some of the time, like a mother hen most of the time, gritting my teeth and trying to decide whether to say something and take over a lot of the time. What was I learning to […]

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  • Trust Your Gut

    I recently read a blog by Lakshmi Balachandra titled, “Should You Eat While You Negotiate?” The gist of the blog centered around testing whether business dealings done over a meal improved the outcome of that deal. The author conducted a few experiments. One experiment compared negotiations that took place over a meal in restaurants […]

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  • Skye Book Review: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development Best Business Books

    How is it that some companies are able to reinvent themselves, sometimes multiple times, while other struggle the necessary changes to become successful?  Respected New York Times business reporter, Charles Duhigg, explores this topic in his new book The Power of Habit. In this new book, Duhigg explains, with the help of Neuroscientists, how habits […]

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  • Rules Don’t Matter Today

    There has been so much press during the last few weeks chronicling the fall from grace of Lance Armstrong.  Judgements are everywhere calling into question his integrity, his values and his ethics.  I am not an expert in this area, I am not an avid fan of cycle racing, I know little of Lance Armstrong […]

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