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  • Let’s Stop ‘Death By Meeting’

    Forget our phones. It seems that we are all addicted to meetings. Maybe it’s the companionship, the high-powered discussions, or simply the tea and cookies that keeps us coming back for more. However, despite all the time we spend in meetings, “death by meeting” is an all-too-common result. You know what I mean – those huddles where […]

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  • Four steps to avoid death by meeting

    skyeteam leadership development

    If you are attending meetings that are best described as the stuff of nightmares, lots of passionate discussion and debate, only to realize as you walk back to your desk, that you can’t quite put your finger on what you have actually achieved, or decisions that were made, then you need to take action now! […]

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  • Are you experiencing death by meeting?

    SkyeTeam leadership development

    If you’ve ever sat in a meeting wishing you were anywhere but in that meeting then this article is for you. Meetings are a necessary part of business, countless hours are spent every day, every week in meetings, discussions, decisions and companionship are all provided (along with tea and cookies if you are lucky). Yet, […]

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  • Stop multitasking! Be present!

    skyeteam leadership development

    Earlier this month I had the opportunity to observe one of my Executive Coaching Clients in their “natural habitat’.  This is an invaluable opportunity to observe the leader working with their team and others.  It is an opportunity to provide immediate real-time feedback on their impact as compared to their intent. The meeting I observed […]

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  • 2/5/15 Is Not Just A Date In The Future


    In our high-speed, social media driven existences, we’re almost always interacting with other people.  Maybe it’s formal communication for work, an email or phone call to touch base, or even a quick “txt abt din & jst 2 say <3”. Every day we work at building, developing, and deepening our relationships.  Whether we mean to […]

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  • Time Spent vs. Time WELL Spent

    skyeteam leadership development

    I am just finishing up a successful week, working with three senior level teams to build their team and individual effectiveness. Throughout the sessions the same challenge kept cropping up – what do I do when I am triple booked for meetings?  How do I manage competing priorities / requests for my input and contribution? […]

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