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  • 5 Mistakes People Make When Public Speaking

    PowerPoint has become the ubiquitous communication tool of the corporate world.  Hours and hours are spent in trying to create the “perfect deck” (which is impossible).  Changes and tweaks are made until well past the “last minute,” reams of paper are wasted printing copies for everyone in the room. The madness needs to stop! Here are 5 mistakes […]

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  • People Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.

    skyeteam leadership development , Ruby Vesely

    Being at our best is about connecting with those around us, each and every day. However many of us forget to make this a priority and as such there is a consequence for our our personal and professional lives.I first heard the following quote as a teenager, and I have never forgotten it. I’ve learned that people will forget […]

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  • How to effectively answer questions in a presentation.

    SkyeTeam executive development

    How to effectively answer questions during a presentation can be a sensitive issue.  Here are some tips on how to handle the different types if questions you may encounter: 1. The one you hoped to avoid – well to be honest, if there is a question that you were expecting but hoped no one would ask […]

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  • Anyone for questions? How to ask for questions in a presentation.

    skyeteam presentation skills training

    The question and answer session may be the best part of your presentation.  For some reason, many people fear questions or perceive them as a threat or an indication that they didn’t do a good job. In fact questions demonstrate quite the opposite.  If you engaged your audience, if they were interested in your content, they […]

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  • Endurance Test: Suffering in the Name of Good Manners

    skyeteam leadership development

    Show of hands please… how many of you have attended (endured) a bad presentation lately?  It is fascinating to consider how many bad presentations are delivered by bad presenters every day in corporate America.  Sometimes the material is bad, sometimes the visuals are bad, sometimes the presenters are bad.  And what do we, the long-suffering […]

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  • Networking when you don’t know anyone

    I have come to realize that the world is very small place. Forget the 6° of separation…with LinkedIn and other technology it’s more like two degrees. If we are that close to (and yet that far from) each other why is it we still fear networking? I have a new friend in Florida. She has […]

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  • Presentation Skills: 5 Steps to Avoid the Wardrobe Malfunction and Dress For Success

    While wardrobe malfunctions may be a regular occurrence for celebrity performers, for most of us, they are to be avoided at all costs.  Like it or not, how you dress says a huge amount to your audience about your image, personality and ultimately whether they want to listen to you and your presentation. Research has […]

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  • Do you have a fear of presentations or public speaking?

    skyeteam leadership development

    Apparently most Americans fear public speaking over death.   I was listening to the comedy channel on a flight recently, the comedian was discussing this statistic and wryly observed that the implication was “that most people would rather be in the coffin at a funeral rather than giving the eulogy!!”.   It may be an old joke but it made […]

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