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  • Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Leadership Reputation?

    Hi, my name is Eric, and I work in HR. Gets you fired up, doesn’t it? Everyone loves HR…you know, when they want to terminate someone, need some help with that open requisition, or want to point out how unfair it is that the engineers get to wear flip-flops to work and they don’t. I’m […]

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  • Leadership Development is a Business Critical Investment

    SkyeTeam leadership Development

    I believe that leadership development, and the investment in leadership development is critical for any organization, and individual. It’s easy to get by on average, or OK leadership skills on the good days, when everything is going to plan. It’s a very different kettle of fish when things start to hit the fan. This is […]

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  • Skye Book Review: Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes For An Answer – Michael Roberto

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development Best Business Books

    In Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes For An Answer, Professor Michael Roberto discusses and shows how to stimulate a culture of constructive conflict and dissent, and ensure a level of candor that results in better decisions, and more effective execution of those decision. The book provides a number of case studies based on well […]

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  • Are you in the Knowing vs. Doing gap?

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    Question: There are four birds sitting on the deck… two decide to fly off.  How many birds are sitting on the deck? We teach a number of high impact classes, and as with most events there is an activity where participants are in groups of three, in this case one acts as the role of coach, […]

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  • Measuring Teams Using a Sociometer Device

    “A what?” I hear you say? Yes, you read that right – a Sociometer Device! It seems that scientists are using new technology to measure the degree of social interaction in organizations. And it’s reinforcing the concepts I share in my book Cultivate that relationships, and social sensitivity outweighs all other factors in determining team effectiveness. […]

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  • Emotional Intelligence: Have you lost it?

    skyeteam leadership develpment

    I lost it recently.  I was at a meeting and all was going reasonably well.  I was aware that I was tired and not focusing 100% on the matter at hand when it happened, I lost it.  What happened? someone at the meeting made a comment and I decided to come out of my corner fighting.  […]

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  • Three things to avoid to ensure a great team building workshop

    SkyeTeam Morag Barrett Leadership Development

    My team and I have partnered with hundreds of teams across the globe, all looking to take their performance to the next level. These team effectiveness sessions are planned and designed in partnership with the team and team leader. It’s one of the many things I love about the work we do. Team effectiveness sessions […]

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  • Who are the rockstars in your team?

    skyeteam leadership development

    Everyone is in the ‘war for talent’ looking to attract and retain those “A” players, the rock stars, that move the team forward and keep them ahead of the game. However, not all “A” players are winning the “Presidents Club” awards, working with your top customers or in a high profile role. The challenge is […]

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  • A high performing team starts with strong relationships

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development

    I recently worked with a senior leadership team that had become fragmented and was at risk of becoming toxic. Other leaders in the organization could see the slow downward trend on the team. The feedback was clear, this team needed help. However the team members were in denial. Meetings were no longer productive, problem solving, […]

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  • Three steps to a high performance team

    skyeteam leadership development

    In our experience working with teams across industries, high performance isn’t often about new things, new ideas or new team models.  In many cases, high performance can be boiled down to three fundamental elements.  The high performing teams we work with all do the following: Apply common sense. Being a high performance team doesn’t have to be rocket […]

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