• 3 TED Talks you can’t afford to miss

    We love TED talks at SkyeTeam there is so much to be learned from these short pithy videos. In case you didn’t know, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design their tag line is “ideas worth spreading.”  and they do that! TED talks launched in 1984, and there are now more than 1,400 videos available […]

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  • Presentation Skills: When things go wrong…

    skyeteam presentation skills workshop

    Stage fright to the extreme… some of you may have seen this video, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, however I have to feel for the emcee… When an amygdala hijack occurs sometimes flight is the only reaction, however with a little preparation the situation could have been so different! What are the learnings? Prepare […]

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  • Stories of Ghosts and Goblins: Is your corporate culture a Hallowe’en nightmare?

    It’s Hallowe’en, the one night of the year when ghosts, goblins and all things spooky rise up to scare the neighborhood. Tonight our doorbell will be ringing as the neighborhood comes alive with trick-or-treating antics… hopefully more treating than tricking! The costumes, home-made and store-purchased seem to get more elaborate each year, as does the […]

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  • Networking when you don’t know anyone

    I have come to realize that the world is very small place. Forget the 6° of separation…with LinkedIn and other technology it’s more like two degrees. If we are that close to (and yet that far from) each other why is it we still fear networking? I have a new friend in Florida. She has […]

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  • Everyone needs a Donna

    I am a new woman… at least I would like to think I am.  Throughout this year I have been visiting my local gym every Saturday morning without fail, and I have one person to thank for that, Donna, my personal trainer.  This morning when I arrived she asked how I was feeling and I […]

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  • Judging Your First Impressions

    We are told from a young age that we shouldn’t judge others, that we should get to know the other person and get beyond first impressions.  But is it really that easy to do? We are bombarded with information, stimuli and data 24×7 and our brains have evolved to manage this by processing information at […]

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  • Seize the moment – an ode to Marissa.

    I was sitting in my satellite office this afternoon (aka Starbucks) and was aware how all of the patrons were nose down, in their laptops, in their phones, in their books (me included)… no one was smiling, no one was acknowledging each other, we were in our own little worlds, focused on our own “stuff”. […]

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  • Ally or Adversary?

    I observed a leadership development event facilitated by Morag, the CEO of Skye Team, and witnessed a true dichotomous moment. The group had been discussing the concepts within Morag’s upcoming book, Cultivating Winning Relationships and the importance of teamwork and collaboration to success. The group had explored the concepts of Ally and Adversary relationships at […]

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  • Skye Book Review: It’s Not Just Who You Know by Tommy Spaulding

    SkyeTeam Leadership Development Best Business Books

    None of us achieve great success alone In a surprising turn, Tommy Spaulding crafts a wonderful book out of a memoir combined with pragmatic tactics to create strong, lasting relationships. “To invite others to be genuine partners in our lives and success you have to first be interested in other people. It’s not just who […]

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  • Who has most influenced you and your career?

    It was an interesting “out-of-body moment” – the mentoring group was discussing my question, “Who are the three people who have most influenced you and your career?  What characteristics did they display that make them a “top three”?  I was keeping myself busy and started to think about who would make it onto my top […]

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