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As you are a part of our network, we are sharing white papers based on CCL's extensive research. CCL has been conducting original scientific research in the field of leadership development for nearly 50 years and currently owns the largest leadership research database in the world.

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Driving Performance

Organizations committed to the development of their leaders are more innovative and perform better financially than those that make little or no investment in leadership development. Research demonstrates that investment in leadership development can improve the bottom-line, attract and retain talent, drive strategy execution, and increase success in navigating change.

Change-Capable Leadership

Much effort is placed on the ‘what and how’ of change management. This white paper takes it a step further to describe “Change-Capable Leadership” and the specific behaviors required for both the process and people side of change. A focus on the mindset and intentionality of the leader is also critical for propelling successful change.

Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy has become recognized as a key leadership skill necessary to drive business performance. This white paper shares the results of a study that found: 1) empathy is positively related to job performance, and 2) empathy is more important to job performance in some cultures than others.

The Leadership Gap

Research has shown that organizations today are experiencing a current leadership deficit and can expect a leadership gap in the future. Does your organization have the organizational leadership skillset needed to move your business forward?

Always On, Never Done?

With the increasing use of smart-phones and our 24/7 accessibility, it feels like we are never “done” with work. Research shows that this imbalance between work and home is not the result of improved technology, but rather created by poor process and improper people (and time) management in the organization.

Through The Looking Glass

Business is personal, and relationships matter. This white paper explores the many ways that relationships shape our careers, for better (as tools for access, support, and sense-making) or for worse (as obstacles).