Athletes train with coaches their entire career to achieve outstanding performance. Why wouldn’t you?

Do you or your business need to:

  • Navigate your first 100 days in a new role or new company?
  • Achieve a higher level of performance?
  • Improve relationships with your customers, peers, and colleagues?
  • Develop your team to achieve improved business results?
  • Develop your career?

At SkyeTeam, we bring years of experience as Executive Coaches. We work with individuals at all stages of their career providing strategies for improving effectiveness and the confidence to take action and execute those strategies.  SkyeTeam provides executive coaching for individuals, mentoring , and peer-coaching programs that support the development of key individuals in an affordable way.

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Return On Investment:

  • Achieve specific goals set between you and your Executive Coach
  • Improve leadership and management effectiveness
  • Improve motivation, commitment, and job satisfaction
  • Increase your capability for coaching and developing others within your organization
  • Implement an action plan for ongoing learning and development following the Executive Coaching program
  • Deliver tangible business benefits and results

Skye Executive Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching: Vice Presidents and Above

We will help you develop a holistic profile of your organization and its leaders from the top down providing you the strengths, effectiveness, and where to emphasize development. Executive Coaching supports your senior teams ability to work together thereby gaining you confidence from your employees, customers, and shareholders.

Mid-Career Coaching: Managers and Directors

You need a strong core of mid-level leaders. They are the backbone of your company and provide a relay between the executive level and your front line. They are responsible for turning your plans into a reality and as such, need to be prepared and qualified. SkyeTeam will help ensure the future of your business by developing engaged, effective mid-level leaders that will exceed your expectations and have the competency to implement your strategies.

Fledgling Career Coaching: Individual Contributors

As a new entrant to the world of work there are any number of adjustments to be made. You will need to navigate the organization and understand what it takes to be successful. You will also want to build a reputation that supports future career aspirations. An investment in coaching at this stage of your career will help identify the options for future growth and provide you with insight on where you are now.

Skye Mentoring and Group Peer-Coaching Programs

In addition to our individual Executive Coaching Services, we have developed and implemented a number of mentoring programs and peer-coaching programs within organizations.  These programs provide access to executive coaching where an individual, one-to-one program may not be available.

Peer-Coaching Programs

These facilitated small group peer-coaching programs can be a powerful way of developing the coaching capabilities of your leaders.  Each group will include 5-7 leaders in your organization and will meet on a weekly or monthly basis for up to 90 minutes to share and resolve real world challenges.  The key elements of the peer-coaching programs are:

  1. Individual goal and expectations meeting prior to the launch of the peer-coaching sessions.
  2. Facilitated peer-coaching sessions.  These are held weekly or monthly and can be in-person or telephone conference.  Each session is attended by and facilitated by an experienced SkyeTeam Coach.  Participants share real world challenges that they are experiencing and receive coaching from their peers and their SkyeTeam Coach.  At the end of each session participants will have identified at least one action that can be taken to resolve the challenge they are experiencing.
  3. Individual Coaching: During the peer-coaching program each participant will have the opportunity for individual coaching from the SkyeTeam Coach. The number of individual sessions will be determined in partnership with the client sponsoring the program.


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