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Available in-person or virtually

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I was truly “captivated” by the engaging workshop on Cultivate.

I had a rival relationship at work in the executive team that I built into a supporter relationship in 6 months using the Cultivate insights. My outlook on relationships has changed for the better!

Chief Human Resources Officer, BJU

Workshop One
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Based on the book Cultivate: The Power of Winning Relationships

Available In-Person or Virtually

Equip your employees to contribute to the success of the organization through the power of winning relationships. This engaging workshop clarifies the rules of engagement across teams and provides a foundational understanding of professional relationships so they can begin to cultivate a network of Allies.

Your leaders and team will learn to:

  • Articulate why quality working relationships matter, including the business and personal impact they make
  • Apply the Relationship EcosystemTM to diagnose the health and quality of their professional relationships
  • Determine their next steps for developing Ally relationships and managing Adversarial relationships
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Attendees will experience an instantly applicable shift in their ability to:

  • Steer difficult relationships in a positive direction and turn Adversaries into (at least) Supporters
  • Create a more productive working environment by focusing on critical stakeholder relationships (vs. hanging out with only the people we like - irrespective of how we can influence each others’ success)
  • Improve productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and inefficiencies through an intentional focus on relationships


  • Relationship EcosystemTM Tool
  • Conversation TacticsTM Cards
  • "Go First" Relationship Action Plan
Workshop Two\
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The Key to Establishing Relationships that Ensure Success

Based on the book You, Me, We: Why We All Need a Friend at Work (and How to Show Up As One!)

Available In-Person or Virtually

This highly actionable workshop teaches your audience the skills and practices needed to develop an Ally MindsetTM. They’ll learn how to show up as an Ally for themselves and for others, building long-lasting relationships and improving performance and collaboration throughout your organization.

Your leaders and team will learn to:

  • Recognize the impact their relational mindset has on cross-functional collaboration and relationships
  • Adopt the five practices of an Ally Mindset and understand how they work together
  • Identify how they are modeling Ally Mindset beliefs and behaviors in every interaction
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Employees will experience an instant shift in their ability to:

  • Increase their self-awareness so they can make intentional choices to build, develop, and deepen their most critical workplace relationships
  • Improve the performance of their team and organization by adopting an Ally MindsetTM
  • Develop effective, high-performing work relationships both vertically and horizontally


  • Ally Mindset Profile
  • Daily Questions Template
  • "Go First" Relationship Action Plan
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“I learned so much from the Ally Mindset workshop and now appreciate that how I show up impacts my leadership reputation at work. In my team, we now use the word "ally." We, as colleagues, seem to be better able to support each other and have strengthened our team.”

VP Operations
Technology Company

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“SkyeTeam conducted a webinar focused on how to best lead yourself and your team in the virtual world with a focus on relationships. Their virtual presence, command of the subject matter, presentation skills, and ability to connect with a virtual audience made this webinar absolutely exceptional.”

Global Fortune 250 CIO and CEO/Principal
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Ready to Build Better Relationships in Your Organization?

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A member of our fantastic (Skye)Team will partner with you to facilitate these workshops for your organization. We are committed to your success, and will take the time to discuss your goals to ensure we are aligned before we begin.


Everyone wins when your organization continually develops leaders who can build powerful, transformative relationships. We can certify a facilitator from within your organization to deliver one or both workshops.

Ally Mindset Action & Accountability, Abundance & Generosity, Connection & Compassion, Courage & Vulnerability, Candor & Debate Action & Accountability
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How’s Your
Ally Mindset™?

Explore your Ally Mindset™ profile with our compliments (how’s that for abundance & generosity?). Your free profile will identify your strengths and growth opportunities in the five essential practices of an Ally Mindset™ so you can better apply concepts from the book to your life and career.

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