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Ruby’s coaching was life-changing for me.

Her thorough but flexible process allowed me to understand my strengths, where I should focus on development, and what things I should let go of. Throughout the entirety of our partnership, Ruby was there to laugh with me, listen to me vent, pick me up when I was down, and so much more. It’s hard to express how much her coaching and support meant to me and my journey in life. I truly believe I am a better person because of her!

HR Leader, Engineering Firm

Authentic > Perfect

Our coaching program doesn’t create a perfect version of your leaders (there’s no magic wand for that). But it does create an authentic version of the leader they’ve always wanted to have, the leader they’ve always wanted to be, and the leader their teams want (and need) them to be.

Leaders who work with our Executive Coaches develop:

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Long-Term Excellence:

They increase their skills, confidence, and ability to achieve specific leadership and organizational goals.

Self-Awareness & Self-Management:

They notice when their leadership behavior is less effective and make an intentional choice to adapt in the moment.


They stay focused and motivate themselves to problem solve, act, and continuously learn from experiences, especially during difficult times.


Tailored to Your
(Entire Team’s) Needs

We customize the content within each coaching program to your leader’s particular situation using a stakeholder-centric approach. We gather feedback from direct reports, peers, and the line manager throughout the program to ensure our coaching addresses your leader’s true skill gaps. (It’s like driving for a rideshare company - the passengers’ experience matters more than the driver’s opinion, especially if the driver is running stop signs!)

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During each six-month engagement, we provide the support and challenge that empowers your leader to apply new learnings and approaches in their everyday lives and experiment with new ways of being and doing.

How We'll Work Together:

Look Up: Intake Process
Step One

We’ll set up a chemistry session between your leader and potential SkyeTeam coach(es) (like a first date but with a lot less pressure). Once selected as your coach we’ll collaboratively create a development plan to address both their personal goals and your organization’s needs.

Show Up: Targeted Coaching Program
Step Two

We’ll regularly meet with your leader to discuss their plan progress and problem solve any obstacles they face implementing it. We’ll also talk through ways to effectively address their day-to-day situations and challenges. (And we’ll be available for additional support between coaching conversations.)

Step Up: Evaluation and Measurement
Step Three

At the end of the engagement, we’ll determine the impact of your leader’s progress, using their personal evaluation and stakeholder feedback on their progress. We’ll decide together whether ongoing coaching is appropriate for their continued development.

Expert Guidance

to Support Your Leaders

Our coaches are leaders too. We know the pressures of making the right decisions, building strong work relationships, and delivering results no matter how challenging the situation. We leverage our experience and credentials to support your leaders’ growth and success.


Members of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches Group


Pragmatic truth-tellers who will use our (sometimes messy) leadership experience to guide you with humor and understanding


Leaders with over 100 years of combined experience in a diverse array of companies and industries


Outcome-focused coaches who will be with you every step of the way with thought-provoking questions and insightful recommendations

(Plus, we are just plain awesome!)


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