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Slightly addictive resources to help you build better relationships, improve your leadership skills, and find more joy in work and life


With Morag Barrett

Explore the People Side of Successful Business and Careers

Join Morag as she interviews authors, business leaders, thought leaders, and people like you to uncover the latest ideas, resources, and tools to help you become more effective at work and in life through cultivating winning relationships.

Give Other People Wings

People First!
Give Other People Wings with Kay Formanek

The Charisma Edge

People First!
The Charisma Edge with Cynthia Burnham

Grace Under Pressure

People First!
Grace Under Pressure with John Baldoni


With Eric Spencer and Lori Lantz

Support, Community, and Cocktails for HR and People Leaders

Join Eric, Lori, and an amazing group of people leaders from various industries as they share ideas and best practices, learn from their mistakes, and build connection between you and others who are facing similar issues. Expect great ideas, a lot of laughter, and a little bastion of sanity in an exceedingly complex world.

Run Toward The Roar

The Corporate Bartender
Run Toward The Roar John Robertson

Employee Ownership

The Corporate Bartender
Employee Ownership Dr. Corey Rosen

Performance Science & Brutal Focus

The Corporate Bartender
Performance Science & Brutal Focus with Dr. Carla Fowler
Ally Mindset Action & Accountability, Abundance & Generosity, Connection & Compassion, Courage & Vulnerability, Candor & Debate Action & Accountability
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How’s Your
Ally Mindset™?

Explore your Ally Mindset™ profile with our compliments (how’s that for abundance & generosity?). Your free profile will identify your strengths and growth opportunities in the five essential practices of an Ally Mindset™ so you can better apply concepts from the book to your life and career.


Relationships Matter!

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Error 404: Name Not Found – Confront Memory Roadblocks

Error 404: Name Not Found – Confront Memory Roadblocks
toxic culture syketeam

How to Change a Toxic Culture

How to Change a Toxic Culture
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How Ya Doin’? It’s Actually a Life-Changing Question.

How Ya Doin’? It’s Actually a Life-Changing Question.
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