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Your success

is the measure of our success.

You are our priority, and working together will be fun…we promise.

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Thriving Partnerships:

Because relationships matter and working together should be effortless for all of us.

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Continuous Learning:

Because we love clients (i.e. YOU) who will challenge us, and are ready to be challenged themselves.

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Having Fun:

Because that's where the magic happens, and when the work begins to feel less like work.


Accelerated Impact:

We work to build your internal capability and NOT a lifetime dependance on us.

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A Ton of Magic:

Because we have the best jobs ever, and want to show you how you can too.

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Measurable Results:

Because we are all on this journey together, and when you're successful, we're successful.

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Because life is too short not to! Fun & laughter doesn't have to be reserved for after-work hours.


Being Truth Speakers:

Because we can cut through the sugar coating to unlock the leadership excellence within your team.

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Our Team

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Morag Barrett

The Head Unicorn

A rare combination of absolute candor, business acumen, and boundless concern for others’ success, Morag is the leader we all wish we had and the partner everyone needs.

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Eric Spencer

The Rockstar

The Springsteen of people strategy, Eric knows how to connect with people for life. Genuine, hilarious, and experienced, he makes learning powerful and fun, changing our clients’ lives for good.

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Ruby Vesely

The Secret Sauce

Grounded in empathy and whole-hearted leadership, Ruby makes life lighter for everyone around her with deep understanding, truth-telling, and organizational prowess.

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Jose Acevedo

The Superhero

Whether it’s herding unicorns, coordinating complex projects, or reminding us of what day it is, Jose creates leadership magic and fantastic experiences for (literally) everyone.

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Christine Calandrella

Executive Consultant

Helping others thrive so they can make their unique difference in the world is Christine's passion. Her secret power is asking the questions that get you moving forward.

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Ben Whiting


A powerful communicator who holds others spell-bound. Leadership facilitator by day, magician by night, Ben has helped numerous teams and individuals elevate their leadership impact.

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More first class executive coaches from our global network

As part of our commitment to excellence we've made it a point to seek out and collect amazingly talented partners that we trust to deliver exceptional leadership experiences.Through our own network, and Morag's membership of 100 Coaches, we have access to a curated global network of the world’s most experienced executive and leadership coaches and advisors.

We will present you with the best coaches for you. Guaranteed.

What's Up With the

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Well, unicorns are majestic, fantastic creatures (just like us), and they’re unique (like the leaders we serve), and magical (just like the results we deliver).

They’ve also been a part of our culture since Morag first said to Eric, “It’s all wishes, ponies, and unicorns until you make your first sale.” Eric joined Morag at SkyeTeam and managed to achieve in one day what he thought would take him six months — a unicorn of a sale. And the rest is history.

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