Our Name

Why Skye? Our name comes from the Isle of Skye, which is off the west coast of Scotland and the home of the clan McLeod. Morag Barrett (nee McLeod) is the CEO and Founder of SkyeTeam and chose the name to reflect her roots.

Why Team? At the most fundamental level it reflects both who we are and what we do.  We are passionate about building successful teams, whether it is your team, your division or your organization.  We are also passionate about our own SkyeTeam, investing in our development, learning and growth so that we can bring our best to our clients.

Our Values

We believe that life is short and that we want a partnership Business people applauding at seminarwith Skye to be easy and beneficial for our clients and for us. We have five core values:

1. To have fun

2. To work with great clients

3. To have fun

4. To do great work and continue to learn

5. To have fun

Ultimately we are relationship driven, our success is measured by the
success and impact our clients achieve. We value a true partnership
based on mutual respect and trust.

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Return on Investment: We believe that you should see a tangible impact and benefit from your partnership with Skye. We work to build your internal capability and NOT a lifetime dependance on us.

Pragmatic: We are about solving real issues with real solutions that WORK. We work with you to identify the barriers and roadblocks to success… and will support you in overcoming these to ensure that the day-to-day issues do not prevent you from effecting the changes and new behaviors that will drive outstanding results.

Candor: Our clients tell us we have the ability to get to the root of the problem. To identify and name the elephants in the room that may be getting in the way of success. We commit to share our observations and not to sugar coat the message. You can rely on us to share information so that you can make an informed decision and we can move forward together.

Customized: A one-size-fits-all approach does not achieve results. We will customize our solutions to reflect your company, your language and your needs.

Learning: We value continuous learning, for you, your organization and ourselves.

Partnership: We believe in cultivating winning relationships that are both supportive and challenging. Our programs and solutions are developed in partnership with you and for you.