A Leadership Journey: The power and potential of the human spirit

Karin Stawarky


Welcome to SkyeTeam’s People First! In this series, we explore the people side of successful business and careers. We all have a story to share, a leadership journey that we are experiencing. We’ll be interviewing authors, business leaders, thought leaders, and people like you to uncover the latest ideas, resources, and tools to help you become more effective at work – and in life. As it turns out, the secret is cultivating winning relationships. Business is personal, and relationships matter!

So, sit back, and grab a coffee as Morag and Karin Stawarky discuss her leadership journey!

Karin Stawarky is Founder and Managing Partner of Spark Leadership Partners. From a young age, Karin’s mindset and approach was shaped by a driving premise she holds about the power and potential of the human spirit. Everyone has the capacity for greatness and collectively, we have an ability to make aspirations – and dreams – a reality.

In her professional career, she would time and time again encounter instances of how contributions – of individuals, teams, and organizational communities – were consistently blocked, undermined, or ignored. It is her mission to bring light and visibility to that possibility and unleash it.

She seeks to help leaders understand and appreciate the potential that exists within themselves and others, then tap into that to be able to “show up” with the fullest of their abilities for maximum impact and engagement.

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