How to Be a Spark and Create Customers for Life

with Simon Bailey


It’s not about a transaction – it’s about a relationship.

Simon T Bailey is a breakthrough strategist who goes BEYOND feel-good content and provides real-life deliverables that impact lives. 

Fast facts:

  • Worked with over 1800 organizations in 49 countries
  • Authored 10 books! (What!?) 
  • Has 3 online courses with LinkedIn

We all have a story to share. Today’s story is about Be the SPARK: Five Platinum Service Principles for Creating Customers for Life, but you should know his proudest achievement is being a father, first and foremost (what a guy!).


When entering into the world of work, there is a great shift from “me” to “we.” In today’s competitive business world, there’s no place for lackluster performance, half-brilliant contributions, or low-burning customer service. Being in it for the greater good becomes apparent to those you interact with.

Do you work a job or do you go to work?

A job is employment, but when you go to work, it’s all about deployment. When you deploy yourself in a job that you love it makes you come alive, you literally light the spark from the inside out.

You realize you weren’t just hired to do a job; your purpose is to surpass all expectations and create memorable moments that surprise and delight your customers.

Your SPARK is what distinguishes you from the pack through exceptional PLATINUM service that keeps customers coming back – every single time.

Customers, Clients, Colleagues… Oh my!

When you see the people around you as guests, it’s really recognizing that they have a specific need or expectation. Dial into what is most important to them and shape their experience based on where they are, not where they’re going! That’s when people feel seen, and like they matter (which they do!). 

Spoiler – this book might be applicable to more than just your customers… 

Personalize the Experience

Are you in the moment? There is a lot of research that talks to the customer experience from the beginning to the end. The steps along the way are important but you need the origin story to really step into where they are currently. (Here are some heartwarming stories about great personalizing

By personalizing the experience, companies can guarantee that coveted loyalty. Humanizing a business transaction makes all the difference.

Anticipating Customer Needs

The minute you pull up to a Ritz-Carlton, you’re greeted by a doorman. By the time you get to the front desk, they already know and are calling your name. Talk about anticipating! If a company can anticipate and take your breath away, there is a VERY high chance that you will reward them with customer loyalty. 

Respond with Immediate and Appropriate Service

When something goes wrong… how do you respond? Delta does it right, but you’ll have to listen to the podcast or read it here to hear how they handled a mistake. Needless to say, Simon loves Delta!

Hot tip: Teach employees financial intelligence and recognize team members for what they did right… instead of what they did wrong.  

How to Keep ‘Em Loyal

This is the glue… and also the place I am going to stop. Tune in to the podcast and hear about the fifth and final part of the equation! 

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