Secrets of Successful Business Owners

with Stephen Woessner


Stephen Woessner is CEO of Predictive ROI and host of the top-rated Onward Nation podcast. I’ve been honored to be a guest on his show (twice!) and am happy to turn the tables on him this week! 

Predictive ROI is built on the belief that most businesses go about sales in the least productive and most painful way possible. Predictive works alongside clients to help them build a position of authority so that they can grow their audience, nurture leads, and increase sales with the right fit clients and prospects. 

Back to the Basics…

Order up! Stephen would have been in the foodservice industry. Everyone in his family is an entrepreneur in one way or another. Stephen’s story actually dates back to 1910 when his grandfather became the man of the house at eight years old. Stephen firmly believes that that moment changed his family’s DNA. (Wow. This story gave me chills in our little chat.) Since then, Stephen has been pretty busy. 

The Underestimated Element of Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. We’d be kidding ourselves if we said it was. So you’re about to leap into starting a business. Things to consider: There is no such thing as an overnight success. Stop the Facebook ads that make it seem like it is! Most people who say they’re making seven figures are fudging the figures. That doesn’t happen as often as you might think. The element that you need to have at the heart of your journey is this… Keep it all in perspective. Enjoy the journey. Recognize the progress and growth every year. Lastly? Remember that there are no shortcuts. 

The 2020 Takeaway

2020 has brought out the best and the worst in people. A recipe for bringing out people’s true nature. 2020 has shown grace, generosity, compassion, and kindness of many, but also the desperation, violence, vileness, separation, and divide among others. In all of its stress and pressure, 2020 has separated the wheat from the chaff. 

Pragmatic & Practical Tactics

Stephen has placed some great core values at the heart of Predictive ROI. You might find these useful as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey! Leading the group is a heart of gratitude and the perspective of life not being static. Living them out in full transparency motivates them all to put their best foot forward. Clients see your values when you live them out fully. Hold each other accountable and encourage one another. When the client sees that you’re out to win it for them, they give you their trust and loyalty. 

My Favorite Truth… Wait, What?

We don’t have the time to share all of the 10 truths from Stephen’s book, you’ll have to read that for yourself. But here are two of his favorites.

Truth #1: In order to have an authority position, you must have something to teach. Come to your audience with a spirit of teaching. How can you help your audience get better every day at their job?

Truth #2: Be super generous in sharing your smarts. Be so confident that you’re not worried about giving your secret sauce away! They won’t steal it from you. That abundance and generosity is key to an ally mindset. You’ll find your audience relationship will strengthen and grow as you pour into it. 

The Critical Question

You know deep down inside that what we’re sharing with you is true. So our question for you is this… Why haven’t you done it yet? (Or maybe you have started) But for those who haven’t, what is preventing you from starting? What obstacles are in your way? The world is changing and the world deserves the best of you so don’t deprive them of that. Ready to listen to the rest of our conversation? You know what to do.

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