Transformation Through Grief

with Meg Nocero


Meg Nocero is a former federal immigration prosecutor, TEDx and inspirational speaker, transformational coach, and the award winning author of The Magical Guide to Bliss: Daily Keys to Unlock Your Dreams, Spirit and Inner Bliss and Sparkle and Shine; 108 Mantras to Brighten Your Day and Lighten Your Way. Her latest book is Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief. Her podcast, Manifesting with Meg consists of conversations with extraordinary people, of which Meg certainly is one!

Incorporating The Grief

We’re told early on in our careers that it’s just business. It’s not personal and we need to toughen up. In this framework, there is no room for emotions. What we’re seeing now in the 21st century is a recognition at last that it’s not a work-life balance. Rather it’s life, in which work is a part and we get to have a choice of how we will show up. Meg’s life strikes a beautiful balance of the two. Though she works as a federal immigration prosecutor, she has created space in her life to also write about and encourage others in the emotional and spiritual spaces of life. Meg shows us so beautifully how our diverse interests and experiences can find internal congruence, if we let them.

Meg was faced with her mom’s passing, and as she climbed out of that dark season, she noticed that when we ignore sadness in preference to joy, we are not actually processing our life’s experiences. Incorporating our grief into our daily lives is emotional awareness in action. In truth, our difficult experiences and emotions will come and haunt us if we ignore them.

Meg’s Tools For Turning Pain Into Beauty

Manifesting Magic and Miracles
According to Meg, there’s always something wonderful about to happen if you’re looking for it. Consider how you want to present into the universe.
Permission to feel what you feel
Rather than stopping up our emotions, it is healthy to recognize the full emotional experience of being human.
We can rework negative pathways in our brain to bring something positive into existence.
We all have an opportunity to plant and water seeds in our lives. What we focus on is our choice.

Showing Up For Life, Not Just Work

Meg’s books show us that in grief we all have an opportunity to reflect on our own lives – what would people say about us and our legacy?

Every time we leave a job there is a little bit of grief and we are presented with the same questions: “What did I leave behind? What was my legacy in that role?” These questions can actually be quite helpful as we consider how we show up in our next roles and positions.

The Ultimate Goal

As you’re navigating your career, don’t just focus on the ultimate end goal. Instead, Meg encourages us to make a deliberate choice every day to focus on what you want others to feel in your presence right now. That’s where the ripple effect that really impacts and transforms lives begins.

Looking for the Magic

What a relief it is that we have incredible individuals like Meg who are normalizing these topics and making these conversations more mainstream. How we show up a humans to work matters. You can’t leave your emotions at the door. Instead let’s follow Meg’s lead and show up as holistic leaders who embrace all the emotions that have brought us to this point in time so we can make our next chapters truly transformative for ourselves and those around us.

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