What’s Your Intention?Setting and Achieving Personal Goals

woman thinking about her good intention

Have you ever found yourself more in the realm of “aspiring athlete” rather than “perspiring athlete”? If this resonates, then we’re birds of a feather. My journey towards fitness has often felt like a game of Monopoly – lots of going around in circles. But earlier this year, I decided to roll the dice and get back on track. I rekindled my love-hate relationship with Orange Theory, attending once or twice a week. A small hop for [wo]mankind, a giant leap for me. 

Fast forward a few months, and now I’m hitting Orange Theory five to six times a week – when I’m at home (travel, still serves as a get-out-of-jail-free card, as I’ve not yet graced the hotel gym). But today, a twist in my fitness-tale occurred. 

As I geared up for class, I set a lofty #intention: to run a mile on the treadmill in under 12 minutes. For context, I view treadmills with loathing and dread. However, today, I was steadfast, resolved, and so focused on this goal that nothing could distract me. 

The result? A mile in 11 minutes and 10 seconds. Cue the Rocky theme song!

But wait… there’s more (imagine an overexcited teleshopping presenter’s voice here).

Post my victory sprint, I cheered out loud, and as I downshifted to a 3mph recovery walk (as per the coach’s instructions), I looked at my beet-red face in the mirror, huffed and puffed like the Big Bad Wolf, and mentally pat myself on the back. But our coach wasn’t done. There was a second block to tackle.

I remember thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding!” But lo and behold, I continued. At the 21-minute mark, it dawned on me that I was close to running TWO miles in under 24 minutes. “Ride like the wind Bullseye!” popped into my mind, and channelling my inner gazelle I ramped up the speed to 6.5mph and clocked the second mile at 23 minutes and 35 seconds. I was both ecstatic and ready to collapse.

Morag Barrett post workout drinking a cup of tea
Me, post-workout, with a cup of tea to recover.

The Power of Intention 

Before today, I’d told myself that treadmills were the bane of my existence. That I was not a runner, heck, not even a jogger – I was a power walker! I stuck to this mental image of myself, never venturing above a gentle jog or past the 5mph limit. Yet, here I was, outpacing myself at 6.5mph. That’s when the lightbulb moment occurred: my intention, while fueling my progress, was also my anchor.

“Your intention can propel you forward, or hold you back. The choice is yours.”

Morag Barrett

The power of intention transcends fitness goals. It’s a compass for our personal development, professional growth, and relationships. Starting your day, project, or workout with a clear intention acts as a GPS for your journey. Even amidst distractions, it keeps you focused and driven.

However, intention, as powerful as it is, is useless on its own. It’s like a seed – it holds the potential for growth, but without consistent nurturing, it will never blossom. Simply setting an intention or wishing something into existence won’t make it so (even if you channel your inner Jean-Luc Picard).

Intention needs commitment and often a kick out of your comfort zone. My intention to improve my fitness was realized because of my deliberate, intentional approach over the last few months. Consistently showing up and doing the work brought me my victory on the treadmill.

New Goals, New Intentions

With this newfound wisdom, my vision has changed – I can see myself as an athlete (cue snort of laughter by me, but hey, I’ve got this, shut up inner trash talk!) and it’s propelling me forward, my new intention is clear and two-fold:

1. By the end of this year, I will run a 10-minute-something mile. 

2. I will continue to push my limits, exploring running at 6.5mph (and more) during those intense workout sections.

What’s your intention?

So, what’s your intention? How will you align your thoughts and actions to achieve it? The real magic happens when you’re willing to work for it, to show up every day, and make it a reality.

In a world brimming with opportunities, don’t limit yourself. Set your intentions, align them with action, and surprise yourself. Your 10-minute mile, your promotion, your successful project – they are all within reach with intention and effort. Make the rest of this year count.

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