Leadership Development is a Business Critical Investment

By Morag Barrett on March 20, 2018

I believe that leadership development, and the investment in leadership development is critical for any organization, and individual. It’s easy to get by on average, or OK leadership skills on the good days, when everything is going to plan. It’s a very different kettle of fish when things start to hit the fan. This is where true leadership is tested.
Investing in your leadership team, investing in your personal leadership development skills in an investment that will pay dividends. Especially in the tough times when it can provide not just a great retention strategy but the different skills and confidence to execute and successfully navigate in a turbulent economy. Unfortunately in some organizations, the training and development budget is one of the first items to be cut. This is invariably as a result of a short-term view and results in the predictable surprise of
  • Talented employees who leave perceiving the lack of development as reducing their career progression.
  • A reduction in creativity and innovation as skills are not maintained or developed.
  • Finding the organization behind competitors during the difficult time and especially as the recovery begins – playing catch up is not a position of strength
I previously wrote about the looming talent crisis. The high performing organizations that we work with have all retained their investment in employee development as a business critical program. The clients we support are all looking to increase the capabilities and confidence of their internal leaders with high impact leadership programs. I will challenge the comment of “simply having a leadership development program yields important benefits for any organization”, while this may be true, a little care and attention can greatly increase the impact of the program and the benefits for the organization and leaders attending.

Our experience has shown that an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution rarely achieves the results required and pride ourselves in creating bespoke programs that reflect the specific needs / culture / jargon of our client organizations.  Our programs are in a continuous state of improvement and as a result our clients report a greater relevance and application of skills in the workplace. If your leadership program has been in existence for a while then I would encourage a review of content and structure. 
  • Are there issues you are facing now that need to be incorporated? 
  • Are their skills / content that needs to be removed? 
  • Looking to the future, what are the skills / challenges you anticipate facing in the next 12-18 months that should be developed now?
  • Does the current structure and delivery of the program provide the flexibility and access required? 
Most of our programs include face-to-face workshops as well as powerful virtual delivery elements. These are highly interactive as we strongly believe that to effectively learn PEOPLE skills you have to attend with, and learn from your peers, real PEOPLE. Questions to ask yourself are:
  • How effective is your organization at investing in and developing your internal leaders?
  • What changes need to be made to improve the impact of your leadership programs?
  • What are the future skills needed that need to be developed now to ensure your organization and leaders are ahead of the game?
If you are unsure as to the answer to these questions, or know that change needs to happen but are don’t know the best way to achieve this, then call SkyeTeam today for a no obligation conversation that will set you on the right path.
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