Bringing Innovation To your Organization

with Phil McKinney


Today’s episode is one of my favorites! We’re talking about innovation and we are JACKED to have innovation thought leader, Phil McKinney on the program! If you want to skip straight to his interview, 5:27 is your spot.

If you don’t know Phil, you should get on that, he’s AMAZING.

Phil’s passion is innovation. He’s the CEO of CableLabs, an author, coach, and the host of the longest continuously produced podcast…EVER. It’s called Killer Innovations, and has been running since before iTunes!

He was the CTO at Hewlett Packard, He’s the author of the book “Beyond The Obvious,” the founder of “Hacking Autism,” a nonprofit using innovation to change the game in autism therapy, and he EVEN built a fish farm in Rwanda. I could go on and on.

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