Human Centric Workplaces & Work/Life Mashups

with Eryc Eyl


In these crazy days, I felt like we could all use some support, some community, some innovative people-side-of-the-business ideas, and of course, some cocktails. What started as a response to COVID19 has evolved into something much more meaningful. It’s become an amazing group of people leaders from various industries who have come together as the world is changing to share ideas, some best practices, to learn from our mistakes, and build connection with others who are facing similar issues.

We are all about sharing at TCB. We share Learning & Development tools. We share updates to the legal landscape. We talk about issues facing our employees and our leadership teams. We interview innovative People Leaders who have cutting edge ideas. Oh, and we laugh. A lot!

I know what you’re thinking. What is this thing? Is it another Zoom meeting? Is it a Podcast? Is it a show? What in the world am I getting into? It’s all of those things and none of those things. It’s a forum for ideas, meeting similar folks, and finding a little bastion of sanity in an exceedingly complex world. It’s a breath of fresh air, and a respite from your grueling schedule – where you’ll be in great company, and probably take away a few things that you can use at work…and in life each episode.

If you are an HR or People Leader in your organization, this is the place for you. You are welcome here!

Today, we talk with business philosopher Eryc Eyl about human-centric workplaces, work/life mashups, and alter ego DJs – and how all of these things can make our lives better!

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