The Dig

with Erin Weed


In this week’s episode, Lori and Erin Weed go deep on “The Dig!” If you want to skip straight to her interview, 7:30 is your spot.

Today’s episode is an awesome deep dive into one of the coolest techniques to get to your core message! We are STOKED to have Erin Weed back on the program!

If you don’t know Erin, you need to add that to you to-do list, it just might change your life. Erin is a PR, Media, and Television veteran, who has spent her career “playing in traffic at the intersection of truth and communication”(for the greater good!)

She’s the founder of Girls Fight Back helping young women protect themselves, Is a TEDx speaker and TED coach, and is the creator of The Dig! What is the Dig? Well, you’re gonna see it today. Our own Lori Lantz peels back the layers, gets vulnerable, and shares her story so you can see how this amazing process works.

Erin has spoken to over 1 million people at live events worldwide. She has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and was named CosmoGirl of the Year.

Last fact, Erin always wanted to be Wonder Woman, and I’m not entirely sure that she isn’t.

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