Cultivating Connection: The Power of ‘Woulda Coulda’

a pair of shoes with two arrows pointing in opposite directions representing a choice and connection

Picture this scene: 20 eager leaders, many of whom were meeting for the first time, gathered in the room. The air was charged with an electric energy, yet the sense of connection among them was tentative at best. The initial awkwardness of such first encounters was all too familiar—a scenario I’ve encountered countless times throughout … Read more

Let’s Celebrate Success with Less Awkwardness

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It seems to me that success is often treated as a dirty little secret. Something we all hope to experience, do experience; something we hope others see, but not something to be shouted about.
Sharing success, creating success, is a balancing act. Share too much and we risk coming across as a bigheaded, self-serving braggart. Share too little, and well, we risk being a footnote, overlooked, a best kept secret – which ends up serving – well no one.